The Correct Way To Do Internet Marketing For Newbies

by amuro
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If you are starting out, you might have received a lot of emails from different marketers claiming that SEO is dead, list building is dead, email marketing is dead, paid traffic is dead etc.

For your info, their REAL goal is to sow seeds of distraction, doubt and fear into your mind and keep you buying more of their products.

Having said that, this is the correct way to do internet marketing:

1. Find out what your strengths or passions are.

Doesn't have to be internet marketing.

It can be things like cooking, drawing animation, playing musical instruments, dating, parenting, relationship issues etc.

2. Google for forums - just like this site you are joining and posting -
and Facebook groups RELATED to what you are good or passionate about. Sign up for a few of those.

3. Introduce yourself - the same way you are doing here and get to interact with other members just like how you do so offline with your family, friends and people around you.

4. Find out their needs and wants. If you can, help them. At this point don't think of creating a squeeze page, blog or website. In fact don't think of creating anything or making $ at all.

5. List down their needs, wants and how you help them over time. Then you create a squeeze page and probably the first 2 chapters of ebook or videos to be given away for free.

In forums, you can leave a link in your signature while in Facebook, you can add those members as friends and PM them.

6. Upsell them with your completed ebook and video course. If they buy, good for you. If not, follow up with them using autoresponder emails. This is when you also signed up for autoresponder.

7. You can also upsell them with other products, services and resources related to your niche.

8. While it is important to upsell and make $, you do not want to give your subscribers the impression that you always email to sell otherwise they will thlnk you are spamming and no different from typical marketers.

So you create a blog and keep them updated with your posts on not just your personal life but what you are doing and benefited from things you are good at or passionate about.

9. Besides forum and Facebook group posting, you can try other free methods like article writing and submission, classified ads, PDF documents sharing, press releases and videos in sites like Youtube.

Though forum and Facebook group are still the most effective since most of your targeted audience hangs out there.

10. While you are building your list and relationship which obviously TAKES time before you see results, you might want to focus on your jobs or take up some part-time jobs (doesn't have to be offline but can be online. Read an interview in one of marketers' blogs which gave me some good insights of freelance work)

11. Once you made $, you might want to reinvest. Like paid advertising, IM course or coaching and tools if you are still passionate about IM. You might want to deposit your profits into 2 bank accounts for your business and personal use like what I did.

Though making $ is great and important for you and your family, you should NEVER ever treat that as your sole priority. You should always consider what you can do for your prospects and customers.

Truth be told:

People don't just want to know what you have to offer,

They want to know whether what you offer can fulfil their needs and wants.

By giving them what THEY WANT, they will give you what YOU WANT.

In order to do that, you have to understand people.

Not just knowing them but understanding from THEIR perspective and treat them the way you like to be treated.

This is the fundamental law.
Not just in internet marketing.
But in marketing or even all areas of your life.

If you have been working very hard but still not seeing or getting the results you want, chances are you could have violated the fundamental law.
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    Thats definitely a different way to approach Internet Marketing. It definitely got me thinking about what I can adjust in my ways. Thanks for sharing.
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    I totally agree with your observation and I quote: "For your info, their REAL goal is to sow seeds of distraction, doubt and fear into your mind and keep you buying more of their products."

    Ironically, the majority of products are not high quality. I tend to stick around with product creators who give high quality products and they are generally committed to see you succeed.

    While I agree with the model outlined above, I believe it can be refined more. Consider refining that from your experience and do a WSO...hint hint.
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    That's basically what I needed, thank you for the great post.
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    I love it! If you are already earning online you have to pay it forward also so that they will do the same to others, and Internet Marketing is a better place to be in.
    Hooked To Success -Personal development For People Who Wants Success.
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    Originally Posted by amuro View Post

    this is the correct way to do internet marketing:
    Implying that all other methods lead to failure....
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    Good advice. Thanks for sharing.
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    This is really an amazing approch.
    How you suggest someone one having ecommerce solution business
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    Have a huge tip for you guys that is relevant to this that I've
    been doing, it has gave me greater success along with happy subscribers.

    1) Ask your list what they are interested in.
    -This means that you should pose the question that
    pertaining to you niche but focus more on smaller sub-sets of that niche.
    Get very specific.

    2) Offer them an incentive for telling you to help get them engaged.
    Say that the "incentive" is good only for the first 10% of your list as
    it creates urgency and you won't have to do that much work.
    -So if have a 1000 in your list, only a 100 will be receiving something from you relevant to their interest.

    3) Segment the list according to their interest.
    - I know that this might be quite some work but in the end it
    will be worth it because you know exactly what they wan to learn more about.

    Seperate the list according to interest, promote relevant offers
    and when you do, you add immense value simply because it's what.....they.....want.

    Rinse and repeat at least 2 times a month as your list grows.
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    Great info. Thanks for sharing.
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    9. Besides forum and Facebook group posting, you can try other free methods like article writing and submission, classified ads, PDF documents sharing, press releases and videos in sites like Youtube.

    Great Tip Amuro.
    Some people completely ignore free traffic methods. If done correctly free traffic can generate tons of traffic.
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