I had my first sale! 2014 here I come! :)

by mguy
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Actually three. I released an ebook new year's eve.

Ok. So I got started with trying my hand at making money online roughly six months ago.

At first I started two domains but it turned out to be complete duds. The reason was that I had no motivation really to go towards that niche.

Then I started developing my blog. I've always had a blog. For 10 years I've kept a journal on my life. Never really thought about doing anything with it since I was a 9-5er.

I kept on with the content. Tweaking here and there but no SEO or anything. Just trying to keep a writing schedule and keeping things as honest and helpful as can be.

One of my blogs hit a keyword for an entry that I wrote about (today I hit the highest ever). Something personal. So I devoted the entire blog on that one key word. I like it because it is something that I feel passionate to write about, and something personal. During the holidays, I developed an ebook like a mad man.

My traffic is really low at this point compared to you guys. But my audience is slowly increasing. I hope to get more conversions, as I will be using the cash to register for a domain. I am really small at this point. But I am growing.

Here's to a prosperous 2014.
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    Great job. You are doing something you have passion for, and that is what is going to keep you going.

    I wish you all the best, in the days to come.

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      This is great news. Perhaps you could list your ebook as a WSO. Put a link in your signature to a squeeze page that has a chapter of the ebook and then upswell the rest of the book. Also you could ask some warriors to review it and maybe put a link to your sales page on their thank you pages. Just some suggestions
      I hope you sell masses in 2014
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    Congratulations! It's always nice seeing people succeed in doing what they enjoy. And don't worry about your traffic, it will pick up in no time

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      Congrats! The secrets of blog is to share something useful and answer user comment sincerely. Then you can wrote your experience in ebooks based on the data you got from your blog, that will surely increase your sales step by step.
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    Great job! I hope I have similar success with my upcoming product launch.
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