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Hi Everybody,
OK, some of you know I'm not a Newbie, but I am as far as Autoresponders are concerned.

After 10 years I've finally decided to bite the bullet and build a list. Even the best of us can only resist for so long :rolleyes:.

I know all about AWeber and Get Response but find they are both very expensive for those just starting out - can anybody advise a cheaper reliable alternative to fill the gap until I'm ready to use the big 2?

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    Hi Dave,

    my advice is, don't try to save money on an autoresponder. There are are also free autoresponders out there, but if you are going to build a list and think long term, I would absolutely go with the best autoresponders available. Aweber and Getresponse (which you know already) are probably the best ones. I've heard good things about TrafficWave too, and the advantage of TrafficWave is that you pay one low rate for as many as 10,000 subscribers, which would cost you several times that in Aweber or Getresponse. I hope this helps!
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    if you are going to go all out to start list building, then you can get 30 days free at icontact ..should be enough time to build a reasonable size list after which you will hopefully start to see the money coming in and pay for a regular subscription.
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    Aweber is $1 for the first 30 days.

    Surely after 10 years of IM you know by now you have to spend money to make money.

    Go with one of the reputable companies straight off the bat as it will be a pain to change later and transfer lists and understand a new software.
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      Aweber is the most mature service and the one I use

      I have tried GetResponse which is fine but was not at the time as fully featured as Aweber.

      TrafficWave was when I tried it more for network marketers, as they have very limited features when it comes to statistical analysis.

      Do not go down the self hosted route, I have been on the lists of many fellow marketers who have and all too often they end up becoming software managers, server techs and all the other jobs needed to keep an autoresponder service running.

      You need to go with a service that has the reputation and connections to keep the major Internet Service Providers happy that they take a hard line on spammers, otherwise these ISP's will simply block your emails from their service.
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        Originally Posted by igorGriffiths View Post

        I have tried GetResponse which is fine but was not at the time as fully featured as Aweber.
        How long ago did you try GetResponse? I've never heard this when I do a demo for a new affiliate who was a Aweber user.



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    You've been IMing ten years and you think $20/month is expensive???

    I went for a cheap AR, and paid the price. Yep, there's always a higher price tag attached to cheap stuff.

    Go for quality. Not cheap.

    My $0.03 (just to change up the routine a lil')
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    I garee with previous poster, don't skimp on your autoresponder. I can recommend GetResponse, they have some great new features and their support is excellent - and they have a 30 day free trial.
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