Is it Okay to Insert Affiliate links in an E-book to be sold?

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I am creating my first e-book that i will try to sell. Is it okay to place my affiliate links in it, or is that a NO-NO, since I am gonna sell it and not give it away??
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    I see many people do this.

    I even see their affiliate links scattered throughout membership websites.

    So here's what I do:

    I usually only put in affiliate links for small things like hosting and a domain not actual affiliate products

    I tell them that it is an affiliate link so they have a choice (You shouldnt have to "trick" people to buy through your link)

    This is just what I do. I feel that if I just scatter a bunch of affiliate links throughout my product that they already payed for it may seem I am just trying to get more cash out of them, not actual teach them.
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    There is nothing wrong with placing affiliate links in your eBook as long as they are relevant to your eBook subject.

    I place affiliate links to all my products and others in all my eBooks I sell and give away and for me it works.

    I wish you much success,

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    If you want to try something that could really increase sales you should think about making one or more of links rebrandable by the person that buys your ebook.

    Of course it takes a little extra work and may not work for all niches, but give it some thought.
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    You aren't the first to have considered this. I've seen books in the past with affiliate links in it. Maybe include a disclaimer somewhere in your guide to let readers know you are paid for any purchases made via the links etc.
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    I would say there is nothing wrong as long as they are relevant and actually are products that you have tried/would recommend. It's akin to an upsell.

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    If it's your ebook then there's no problem at all. You own it so it's up to you on how to build it. However it's a good tip to NOT spam your links all over the ebook and yeah, make sure whatever link you have is relevant to your ebook.
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      I think the main requirement is to be upfront about it. That is, let your customer/readers know that a link is an affiliate link. Then your readers have a choice and are more likely to respect your honesty and less likely to get annoyed.
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        Amazon does not allow it. Many affiliate programs do.
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    Try and find one in the IM niche without any in it

    Those folks not in this niche will likely be none-the-wiser, especially if you make them look 'pretty' instead of a yard of jumbled letters and numbers.

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    Sure... you can use mine if you like

    Only joking... but just be sure to not overwhelm the ebook with links. It needs to flow and provide them on a resources page will come in handy.
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    I've seen it in many paid digital books.

    If you don't feel good about it, you can always mentioned it upfront that the links are affiliate links.
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      Are you including the link because you might get paid, or would you include the link even if you were not an affiliate?

      If it's the former, don't do it unless you don't plan to sell those buyers anything else.

      If it's the latter, stick a one-sentence note somewhere that says some of the links are affiliate links which will pay you if the buyer makes a purchase. Add a sentence that says you would have included the link anyway because it adds value to the information.
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    It's okay if it doesn't cost more to click on your links. I'm happy to click on an affiliate link if the content of the ebook is valuable and not just a reason to promote links. Obviously, if you can offer a special price or any bonus via your aff links, it is better. Affiliate links is a great way to make money in this business so, yes, you can do it!
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    Your own PDF ... your own rules.

    If you're putting it up on Kindle, check the TOS. Better to send your Kindle readers to a squeeze/resource page where you can scoop up the lead and promote products. If the readers are targeted, you should be able to leverage them.
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    I usually add a disclaimer and all links point to a web page that serves as a resource page with additional downloads (free) + affiliate links. I don't have multiple aff links pointing each to a different aff program. I found this way is easier for me to change the links if the affiliate program changes for some reason or I want to add coupons or specials (hosting for example).
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    I've seen lots of ebooks with affiliate links inside. It's a pretty common practice. You still should have disclosures and be upfront about the practice though!
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    Yes. It is a very common tactic, and on of the oldest in the book.
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    Thanks again to all for taking the time out to answer my question.
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    There's nothing wrong with it at all. I see it all the time.
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    I don't have a problem as long as you put your links in the END of the book.
    It is really frustating to me when I'm in the middle of the book and I feel that the author wants more money from me when I've already paid for his ebook.
    That's just me though.
    Good luck man
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      One caution - make sure those product links will be around for a while.

      Too often I've purchased ebooks a couple months after they were released only to find full chapters detailing how to use a certain affiliate product to enhance the method proposed in the ebook.....and found that product was no longer available or had been discredited or was no longer supported.

      If you are going to use affiliate links in the ebook you sell - make sure those link products live as long as your ebook sales do.

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    I would have prefer inserting an opt-in squezze page link therein so you can build your sales funnel. You can also include both links. no problem.
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