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I have a question on domain names..I have signed up with a list building squeeze page site..fairly new..with a domain name choice, would it be fine to use keywords like:
list building Commission blast
or variations of that but with the keyword list building in it.

The sites goal is to build build members list with squeeze pages and sites offered monthly...and of course to make money.

Any suggestions of a suitable domain name would be great

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    It should be fine to use that. It's a long domain name, however. I would use 3 words max for any domain name if you are going to do that.
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      As Joan said, select a short, catchy & easy to remember name. What you've got right now seems too long, but you could still use it.

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    if your keyword has a search volume then go for it, it would help in serp ranking. else a short catchy domain name would be fine.

    Lowest Possible Price Servers- PawnHost.com

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    Keywords in domain name helps you to get better rank in SERPs. But you should also remember that your domain should be user-friendly. It simply means that your domain should be easy to remember by people. It shouldn't be too long or complex.
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      I don't think domain name is all that important as compared to the marketing method used. The point of the squeeze page is trying to get it out to as many people as possible who are going to be potential customers. So its the marketing and content that a lot more important.
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    Hi, Check if any of these met your need. And also check if any of the domain available.


    Thank you & good luck

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    Start with a domain name that is built around the niche. You can use list building as your main keyword but watch out with the length of the domain name. Not a law but a golden rule with domains that shorter is better but others as well have proved that notion wrong.
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    Hey thanks a heap for all the advice and to PaulSaolid and Shaolinsyeve for the suggestions.
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    Do you have any other keywords you would like to target or is that it?
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      ListCommBlast [dot] com is available.
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      Originally Posted by SandraLarkin View Post

      Do you have any other keywords you would like to target or is that it?
      Would traffic suit as a keyword?

      @armysmoke, thanks a heap... I like ListCommBlast.com, that could work, I'll get a few more ideas and suggestion then make a choice from there.

      Thanks for all helpful Warriors, I so look forward when I will be giving back to the Warrior community

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    I like to use domainr to tinker with domain name ideas. It's easy and quick.

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    It's always good to keep the domain name pretty close to the keyword you are targeting but if you are are leaning towards a domain name for a product, it really doesn't matter as long as it isn't too long.

    Check out My Recipe Site: http://simpleandeasyrecipesonline.com/

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      Have you done your keyword market research to see what your perfect prospect is searching for? It's the place to start.

      Whatever your purpose - whatever your product - whatever your money site is going to do . . . that is where you should begin as you search for a domain name.

      Trying to compete for keywords like "list building" or "traffic" is not where you want to be. Until you understand what your prospects (eventual customers) are looking for you have no way of knowing what your keywords (and ultimately) what your domain name should be.

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    screw the domain name.

    Get to work, and take action. Your domain name is not going to make you money.

    generating paid traffic, Building lists, and converting leads into sales is what will make you money.

    So stop focusing on the name, and get stuff done....YESTERDAY! :-)
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    Yep, I get the hint celeste, just wanted to make sure the domain name was appropriate and was a good fit..but sure, my focus should be on getting what needs to be done yesterday..
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    In my opinion magiclistbuilder is quite appropriate.
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