How many domain names do i need for this?

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If you are building list on many niches, do you get a separate domain name for each niche or can you use one broad domain name for all the niches?

What is your thought on this?
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    use sub domains like

    Google uses: for there image search

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      Originally Posted by LotteryMaster View Post

      use sub domains like

      Google uses: for there image search
      Ok, using sub domain. but can i use a domain name on 'empowerment' niche/offer on 'relationship' niche/offer, would that work too?
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    You can use sub domains, but my preferance would be to keep everything seperate and target them all niche by niche.

    There is no sure way of doing it, do it the way you would think would work best for you, not others.


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    I would use a single domain per niche. This way you can track the performance and also if it is not working out to well you can just drop the domain. If for any reason you did not renew your main domain you would lose all the sub domains as well. Too many eggs on one basket
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    Better to have separate domain name for each niche. I wouldn't mix anything.
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    I agree with Sarah.Separate domain names works better.
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      Just like everyone else, I would have one domain per niche. If money is an issue though, you can also create subdomains for each niche. Subdomains are treated as a separate site so you will not have problems with Google.
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    Unless the niches are closely related to each other, I'd use a domain per niche. If they are closely related, I'd use subdomains under a broad, general domain name.
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    Depends on how you want to do approach this...

    If you want all those niches to come under a single online brand, you may just want a single main domain, then have sub domains:

    (i.e.if your niches are similar like Quilling, Macrame, Scrapbooking, then you can have a single main domain called, then have sub-domains for each of the crafts mentioned above )


    If the niches are very different (i.e. weight loss & dog training), then have separate domains for each one.

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      I have in recent years, well year, started compiling all of my niches into one basket, using sub domain. I sell content based product, hard goods and services across many niches. Satellite TV, Satellite Internet, 4k UHD, Halloween, Web design, to name a few.

      I have always off line marketed across my niches. If I sell something on e-bay I have a flyer that gets sent that hi-lites my other offerings and websites. When Im out doing Satellite stuff I will handout another flier as well.

      By bringing everything together you are basically branding. Creating trust in one aspect of my business, can and does carry to the others. I have been amazed at the cross over traffic. we are talking 15 20% a month is brought cross streamed. That is not something I had a year ago, when it was all separate. I still manage traffic and lists and things like that separate, but I do have a master list that I use once a month to communicate across all markets.

      I think we get so tied up with nailing a niche, that we forget that people are interested in more than one niche. The more we can offer, is the more we can offer! if you know what I mean.

      Hope that Helps!
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    I would suggest you to use separate domain name for each niche and then rank them well.

    now you have many domain that are ranking well and has traffic now advertize your other domain and niches on the other domain you have in that way you will get backlinks also and traffic to other site also
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    I definitely recommend separate domains to be able to track views and traffic must easier. people are interested in different miches so just focus on what THEY want. Don't overload them with many other niches. Let your audience dictate what you are providing.
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    Perhaps you want one hundred domain names. That could be too many. However, you can always sell some. Those that do not fit in. Create a big picture first of what you want and where you are going. Selling excess domain names is easy.
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