It's A Medical Fact - Internet Marketing Is Good For My Health

by Martin Luxton 4 replies
I went for a heart check up today (coz I'm nearly as old as Paul Myers and catching up with John Taylor).

They gave me one of those machines that you wear for 24 hours and it measures your blood pressure at 20 minute intervals.

Guess what? The 3 hours I was on my computer last night produced by far the lowest measurements of my waking hours. And a nice regular heartbeat too.

Protect your heart - do IM

Disclaimer: Martin Luxton is not a doctor and he may have read the chart upside down. Before undertaking any strenuous activity like PPC or joining Stompernet talk to a medical professional.
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  • Profile picture of the author VinceNouvel
    lol I think your heart love IM more than anything else

    Maybe you should ask your doctor to prescribe IM to all of his patient haha...
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    • Profile picture of the author Martin Luxton
      Maybe you should ask your doctor to prescribe IM to all of his patient haha...
      Vince, it's an expensive treatment at the beginning but it does pay for itself over time

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      • Profile picture of the author Earl Smith
        That sounds like a good idea Martin, I know time in front of my computer gives me a release knowing I'm creating something from nothing.
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        • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
          Hey Martin,

          That's really's probably because you were seated
          and relatively "inactive".....compared to say walking around
          or any other activity....

          Just a question - did you also have blood tests to determine
          things like cholestrol levels, homocysteine, blood sugar etc?


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