.org or .co.uk for domain name. Does it matter?

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I'm purchasing a new domain name for an up and coming sub niche (within the technology niche) and I will probably make a review site.

The .com is gone, but no website is online for it. I believe my best alternatives are the .org or .co.uk (I am British).

I'm concered that .org isn't generally associated with review sites, but I'm also worried that .co.uk will confine me to the British customer base, where most of the products are currently US only.
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    if you are replacing .com to .org then it does not matter cause it looks global and it is treat as same thing but .com have little priority from .org but it also depends what are you promoting.

    for .co.uk always go for this if you are product or niche is only local and not global, if you use .co.uk and promoting global then you will get very few global traffic then local traffic.

    .co.uk , .ae , .au all this extension is for only local country not global. I hope you got my point.

    so now it depends on you on what you want to do..

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      Originally Posted by alamest View Post

      .co.uk , .ae , .au all this extension is for only local country not global. I hope you got my point.
      True, but in reality a review website isn't going to be the next twitter or instagram, so is marketing to 60 million people with no competition worse than marketing to 400 million with higher competition?
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        Having the exact keyword in the domain name is not as important as it used to be in terms of SEO. My suggestion would be to get another .com domain and ensure that there is strong on page SEO and valuable content for the term you are looking to rank for

        Do you need to have multiple income streams to succeed in Internet Marketing?

        Have Your Say Here...

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    I would agree. You can pick another domain and get the .com. I would pick .org here if you do not because it is a technology info site however.
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      In case anyone is interested I ended up buying a .com domain.

      I still got both the key words I was after but I put a vowel in between them, kinda of like dialaphone
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