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I understand that one can promote/advertise their business and or opportunity by using banners on websites that is in line with their niche.

My question would be..how much as an estimate would a site owner charge to advertise via a banner on their site?
The banners would be on say! list building, making money and or traffic.

I would be grateful and appreciate the thoughts of fellow website owners. and what they would charge if approached.

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    These kind of answers are dependent on a bunch of different factors. You would need to speak directly to the site owner to determine pricing based on things like ad size, niche, impressions per day.

    Check out buysellads you can type in your niche and see some pricing advertised and you can contact site owners to see what works best for your campaign.
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    The question is not how much a site owner will charge but how much you should pay.
    I think like for media buying, to determine how much you must pay, first you must know how many impressions the site receives per month and how much it can earn you.

    As an example, if the site owner quotes you $50 for 20,000 impressions and you expect to have a CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) of 0.5%, it will cost you $0.50 per click and if the conversion rate is 1% you need to have an offer of $50 to be break even.
    $50 for 20,000 impressions
    20,000 x 0.5% = 100 clicks
    100 x 1% = 1 conversion
    Cost for 1 conversion = $50

    I hope this answer to your question.
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    they could charge you on a CPM basis or on a fixed rate basis. there are too many variables to give you a price yet though
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