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Hi there.

I've been reading the forums for about a month now and I feel I am ready to start my first website fully dedicated to IM.

I have created websites previously, however they were mainly for educational or hobby purposes. In fact I found my way here by asking myself if one of my sites could make some money, alas the subject isn't particularly lucrative and I have found it difficult to monetise.

So after coming here knowing absolutely nothing, I now feel I know enough to start a website from scratch with the intention of eventually making some money from it (how ever small or large).

This thread is going to be somewhat of a journal for me, mostly so I can see my own progression and thoughts. Whilst there are many 'I'm a newbie what do I do!?' threads, there doesn't seem to be many fleshed out journal type threads illustrating a journey from making a website, to filling it with content, attracting visitors and hopefully making some money.

I think it might be useful for newbies to see something like this, it's certainly what I would like to have seen.

Just to clarify, I'm not asking for anyone to tell me all the answers, I will update this thread with my ideas/actions/questions and people are free to comment, but I'll be doing the work (and probably making the mistakes) on my own.
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    So a bit about me:

    What I'm good at:

    - I'm a fairly decent writer
    - Technically minded
    - Intermediate Photoshop user
    - Naturally good actor/comfortable in front of a camera.
    - Good researcher

    What I'm not good at yet:

    - I panic when investment is required
    - Somewhat indecisive
    - A bit of a perfectionist/take too long on simple things
    - Too much reading/not enough action

    I plan on creating my first website in the technology niche, more specifically wearable technology. I have a few domain names to choose from, but will probably go with (I've come to realise domain name isn't as important as I though)

    This will be manly a review website with some product analysis and videos thrown in. I want it to very very visual but with good written content too.

    I will hopefully monetise it with affiliate marketing, but at the moment I can't see very many opportunities... so maybe adsense at first. I'm more focussed on getting visitors to my site though, so not too concerned about that yet.

    When I have chosen my theme I'll update this thread so you guys can see

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    There's a very good reason you don't see these kinds of threads on the forum. No one wants to see your journey into I.M on a forum. That stuff is for personal use and should be left on your own blog. Think about it. Every time you put up a post here on this thread it will automatically bump the thread back to the top of the forum. Nobody benefits from that here but you.

    Not meaning to piss on your parade but, your thread won't last long. It will be deleted as soon as interaction stops. And if you keep posting yourself, it will be rightly seen as self promotion, which is a big no no here for very good reasons. That's why there's a blog section on the forum where you can post all the content you like. That way if people really want to see your progress they have a choice to go visit your blog content.

    Best of luck with your progress.
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    As Declan said, it's great to have some kind of journal that keeps track of your experience you have in your IM biz, but that is something you would do on your own website/blog. What I would recommend is learn the necessary skills and soak up whatever information you can from here, and apply it towards your internet business. People come here for help and answers, not to read peoples diary and progress. Here you will find a lot of great information, and with the skills you already have I'm sure you will be fine picking up on internet marketing and building your business online. Just stay focused, and learn what it takes. If you have difficultly learning from all the information that's online, find a mentor or somebody that can show you the ropes and that will help cut the learning curve in half.
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    I love the fact that your documenting the process of getting into the Internet Marketing world. Prove all those people who don't believe in what we do wrong! Sharing your experience is something people love to read.

    Just some quick advice; You'll find a better result from your content if it was on your own self-hosted blog. Instead of writing a thread, that could pass for a great blog post. Keep working hard buddy.
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