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I am indecisive about this and would like some input. In the follow-up emails in my autoresponder, do you think it is okay to have a footer at the bottom of the email that says "recommended links & resources" that contains a link to my blog, my affiliate program, and an affiliate link for another program? I am giving people a lot of value in the first follow-up email so I don't think people will think I'm simply trying to sell to them by having the "recommended links" footer, and then unsubscribe. Although I would like to have the footer in my follow-ups, should I just not have the footer at all?
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    I think it's a good idea. That way you can focus on delivering real, fun, interesting or handy content and they will get used to seeing that section at the bottom. You could have two sections.

    1) Services I offer:
    2) Related Links:

    People don't mind buying stuff, they just hate the feeling that you're trying to manipulate them. If you let them know regularly through a footer on every email that you do offer services they will come to you and it gets them exposed to your service multiple times until they buy.

    I think it's a smart way to achieve all your aims in every email.
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    Sounds like a decent idea. The only way to find out if it'll work or not is to test it out!
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      Sounds like a great idea, if you have services/ resources related to the content of the message then that would make sense, you could include maybe 2 or 3 which use tracking links.

      Then by monitoring your tracking results you can see which services/resources your subscribers are most interested in and give them more of that in the main body text.
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        There is certainly nothing wrong with having links in the footer of your emails. The question is . . . how many should you use in order that it doesn't appear to be just another attempt to push your products and affiliate links on the subscriber.

        I think it is always appropriate to link you your own web site in your emails (whether you have a blog, a review site, an ecommerce store, a news site, etc.) Beyond that, I think it is also OK to have a link to whatever you are discussing as the subject of your email. So, for example, if you're talking about a new software (that you are an affiliate for) it would be acceptable to provide an affiliate link as a fairly soft sell "recommendation" to your subscribers.

        At that point, I would personally not suggest further links. A link to your own site will never be questioned. A link to what the email is all about shouldn't be questioned. But when you start to add other links that could be construed as just random sales attempts, your emails begin to take on the appearance of spam.

        This is just my own opinion and I'm sure others' opinions will be different.

        The very best to you,


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • As long as your emails are personality driven and provide ongoing value, no one will have a problem with you promoting your products. If they do. That's a sure-fire sign they're cheapskates, time wasters, morons or all three. Simple as that. I mean, I sit down to write damn good emails that provide value, not because I'm "Mary Poppins" son, or I have nothing better to do with my time. I do it because I want you to take out your credit card and buy my stuff. I also realize it's a give and take relationship. I give and get. You get and give. Anything else is just a waste of your time, and mine.

    Personally I don't like the idea of having links to three separate resources. One email. One related product. You might want to take advantage of gmail now automatically displaying images by having a logo at the bottom of each email pointing back to your site. At least then you can more accurately gauge opens.

    Best of luck.
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    Having an email signature for me has seriously made it 25% more likely for my subscribers to click on my sites or call me. I highly recommend it.
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      One link back to your home page? Check.

      One link to a Products page, IF you have your own products? Check.

      One link to a resource directly related to the topic of the email (AFF or not)? Check.

      The exception is if you mention more than one product in the email.

      If I'm doing something like this, I'll do it like this:

      Our/My Website: [url]

      Our/My Products: [url/products/]

      Stuff Mentioned in This Email:

      [link 1]
      [link 2]
      [link etc.]

      No sell, not even a soft sell. Just a list "for the convenience of the reader"...
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    Go for it gwpmike. I do it all of the time. Be sure to track the links that you include so that you can see how many clicks they are getting. It's all about testing. I even use the Trust Jacker Plugin with some of my footer links to make undercover sales as well.

    Happy Marketing,

    This is a great idea.I am using this recently and have positive results.
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