I challenged myself to make money in 30 days

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Hi y'all!

Hope everybody is in high spirits!

Im a newbie. I had a my DSL connection last month and proceeded to doing due diligence on how to make money in the internet.

I documented everything. Even joined most of the affiliate programs I encountered. Also had blogs with adsense.

The reason I was burning my eyebrows in research and joining affiliate programs is that I have no permanent job and bills are pilling up already.
This made me decide to challenge myself into making money through the internet within 30 days since I estimate that my savings for the bills would only last that long.

The challenge finished September 1, 2008. All I had was an adsense account worth 1.57 USD :-(

I managed to join depacco.com, promoted them and managed to pile up 160 EURO but it turns out that a lot of people reaching their payout were not paid (according to forums). Payout is at 5000.00 euro

I even tried going to paid surveys sites but it also turned out that surveys are mostly for US/CANADA. I'm in the Philippines and usually turned down for surveys.

Now, my point is, for a newbie like me, is there really a way to make a few cash, even just 50 dollars this month, I would already jump for joy!

I don't have a credit card. I don't have my own domain. I don't have enough cash to spare to buy stuff to sell.

I have 6 blogs in blogger and I know how to make a website.
I have already signed up for free hostings and have subdomain names

If anybody could provide me a simple step by step to do list here, or point me to the right direction that would be very much appreciated. :-)

Again, even if I will just earn 50 bucks, or even half that this month I will definitely jump for joy!

Thanks to all!
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