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Hello everyone, hope everyone is well.. Listen I have a blog and I am thinking of adding another page and call it "training videos" or something along those lines and add a mix of my own material that I have created and uploaded as well as other videos on youtube that I feel are a good fit.

My question is, will that hurt me? My main strategy I am using for this is SEO. I do have a squeeze page set up on the domain but is as a sub and not on the main root. I have wordpress on the root. My squeeze is also so for no follow and no index and all. The video page I would allow open to be crawled and indexed.

There won't be a duplicate content issue will there?

Thank you in advance

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    Adding videos to your blog will only do you good.

    Are you thinking there will be duplicate content issues because the videos are already on Youtube?

    If that is it there is no need to worry
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      Yeah Johnonfire, thats what I was going for. The videos do have a share button on them. Its not like Im stealing the content. Thanks guys
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        Sending traffic to a video you made that is SEO'd on the youtube side for your site, and sharing other authors video's are 2 different things.

        Using Youtube videos you have created with the correct SEO on the youtube side does 2 things. Google loves multimedia so you get a point for that. Google loves back links. again you get point for that.

        If you are using other authors videos, dependant on the video you can get a point for linking to Authority. You still get the point for multimedia. However you CAN lose a point for an outbound link and not having a return inbound.

        You really cant go wrong with using youtube either way. I would just make sure that you are using it to link MORE towards your own content, than others!

        Hope that Helps!
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    For SEO this will actually help you. If you're embedding YouTube videos on to your blog, the search engines will love you.
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    Sounds like a good strategy. There is no harm in using videos from YouTube... in fact using videos will help as vidoes improve bounce rate!

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