Hi Im a newbie..I think I need help...

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Hi y'all!

Hope everybody is in high spirits!

For a newbie like me, is there really a way to make a few cash, even just 50 dollars this month, I would already jump for joy!

I don't have a credit card. I don't have my own domain. I don't have enough cash to spare to buy stuff to sell.

I have 6 blogs in blogger and I know how to make a website.
I have already signed up for free hostings and have subdomain names

If anybody could provide me a simple step by step to do list here, or point me to the right direction that would be very much appreciated. :-)

Again, even if I will just earn 50 bucks, or even half that this month I will definitely jump for joy!

Thanks to all!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Can you provide a form of service such as setting up blogs to writting and so on?

    Then you can make 50 dollars a month. =)

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    You can easily make $50 by writing articles. Are you good at anything? Graphics, etc...?
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      if you say you have 6 blogs...you could ad adsense to them, but it depends on how much traffic you get on each
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        Hi jhong, amy, rhypo :-)

        Thank you very much!, my spirit suddenly lit up after reading your replies.

        1. Jhong, For the setting up blogs, yes I can help people set-up their blog. Is there a site I can go to find people looking for others to set-up their blogs.

        2. Amy, I can do photoshop, Im not yet an expert but I can create effects and graphics..As for the articles, I can actually write some. (I hope :-) Is there a site where I can submit articles and wait for payment?

        3. Rhypo, Yups I placed adsense on the blogs. I read a thread here about increasing traffic by having your articles have page 1 placement in google. I will do it tonight and see what turns up.

        Thank you again. Suddenly I'm all smiles again. The truth is I challenged myself to a 30 days make money test, and somehow..I didn't pass.

        lucky me, I got here.. :-)
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        Where I got started on the internet was Elance - Outsourcing to freelance programmers, web & logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants. I did writing jobs there. Started out doing articles then moved on to sales copy. Found out I wasn't bad at that and then that led me into internet marketing.

        It is super, ridiculously easy to make at least 50 bucks a month on elance.

        If you have any questions feel free to ask.

        Hope it helps,

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          I'd suggest focusing on two things:

          1) stuff that will make you money NOW

          2) stuff that will make you money in the future

          To make money now, you can do things like write articles, or even setup blogs for people. You might be shaking your head saying "no one will pay for blog setup, its easy" but you are wrong! There are a lot of people out there that you already have one up on cause you can setup a blog

          2) start laying some groundwork and get involved in building up a business. You might want to sink in some $$$ (or wait till you make your first $20 from article writing) into a domain and cheap hosting. Just spend some time reading here, but a few good ways to get traffic and links include article marketing (especially ezinearticles), yahoo answers, social bookmarking, to name a few (all free!).


          WarriorForum Rules!

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              Hey there,

              Welcome to a great forum....

              You say that you have limited resources available....

              So here is my suggestion - go to Clickbank and choose a couple
              of successful products to promote. Then design a blog to promote
              each product by way of a review for instance....

              Then what you can do is write some articles and submit them to
              Ezinearticles to start driving traffic to your blogs....

              I know I have given you a very simplistic model, but you can
              do a search on this forum for all the things that I have mentioned
              and you will get more detailed information.


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                I strongly agree with Matt about things to make you money now and things that will make you money in the future.

                Building a list will make you money in the future. You send an email, and if the offer is right...people will buy. That simple.

                As for making money now, you'll be trading services for cash. Take that cash and reinvest it into something that will pay off in the future. Before long, you won't need to trade time for money by freelancing but will be able to send out to your list and bring in sales that way.

                Small things add up to big things...so get moving!

                I'd suggest offering to write articles or graphics work on WF and also freelance sites. Take that money, buy a domain, and set up a squeeze page (email capture page) and then learn what your market wants and give it to them. However, always reinvest in yourself and your biz by learning and building traffic.

                PM me if you want some more info on this stuff. I teach it and I've had some success with it


                Brad Spencer
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