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    Originally Posted by actress6 View Post

    I almost didn't find solo ads deals that offer sending ads to %100 buyers list
    Check out the reviews of past customers to see what their reputation is like.
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      The solo ad facebook groups are very active with sellers. With the ones that advertise sending solos to their buyers list, ask them if they will only send to that list instead of mixing in all of their other lists.

      Also contact WSO sellers that have a similar product to your offer after opt-in and offer affiliate commissions or straight price per click to send your offer to their list.
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    Just go to the classified ad section on this forum and seek what you need there.

    Warrior Forum Classified Ads

    There are many solo ad sellers there.
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    Stay away from swap communities, if you want quality solo ads. Their reviews don't mean anything, the people are completely brain dead, giving each other good reviews for everything, they just care about getting free subscribers to their lists, not if they actually make money later.


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    Great info
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    I recommend SafeSwaps also but only sellers with high percentage of Tier1 traffic and 100% possitive rating.
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    Do your research, take your time looking (dont rush!!) and ask questions before purchasing clicks. If you want your link or swipe sent to a buyers list (which most do), then ask exactly that - before purchasing clicks;
    "Will you be sending my solo ad out to your buyers?"

    Remember, track your results. It isn't worth spending money on solo ads if your not tracking your results. Its critical. I cant stress this enough.

    Good luck!

    Product Reviews are my thing.. From the MOST HONEST AND UNBIASED REVIEWER IN THE IM SPACE..


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