How Do You Keep Up Your Kindle Sales?

by jungl
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Hi guys,

I'm a Kindle author, and many of my books have done very well. A recent book of mine sold over 2000 copies per month, but as was expected, demand tapered off to only about 900 copies last month (the 2000 copy months were October and November).

In response to this I looked at every review of my book (and there were many), but specifically at the most negative and addressed their concerns. There are always some reviewers that you just can't please, or that will not give reasons for their reviews, but spending three hours last weekend going through the reviews I had received and updating my book to reflect those concerns has dramatically increased my sales rankings.

My book is now back at around #2500 on Amazon's sales rankings, and all the reviews since the updates have been positive.

My issue was I didn't want to look at the negative reviews, and I just wanted to ignore them, but by addressing them I've increased my income from my books by 33%, hundreds of dollars a month.

What are your tips for easily increasing your Kindle sales?

Hope this helps,

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    Sorry I don't have more to add. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing, and that you sound like you're doing something a lot of authors will neglect -- genuinely improving your title based on valuable reader feedback.

    Wishing you many sales!

    - Jessie

    ~ Jessie Haynes
    Erotica Author
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      Thanks, and I'm glad it helped you!
      [Free Review Copies!] I am looking for reviewers for my Kindle book and will gift copies to interested reviewers. PM me if you are interested
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    I use to work for a video games company. There are lots of flops and few hits, but here is something I learned that applies to books as well as games. When it first comes out, sales are super. The phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting to do reviews. OK so after a few weeks sales, drop like a rock, and you wonder what is wrong. After six months you cannot even give it away. What you need is a pipeline that is full of new releases and to keep em coming.

    Here are a few strategies that can help you. They came from marketing games.
    • Dramatically cut the price. Do this right away. It will increase sales, but less profit for you.
    • Add more chapters and re-release, the equivalent of new levels in a game.
    • Create a sequel or new version. Please remember that sales are typically 1/2 of the first one.

    What does this mean? Get your reviews early on. They will not help you once you are gone.

    Reviews will increase sales a lot, but they need to be up before you do a major promo.

    BOX ART sells your games. In books, the equivalent is the cover. Make sure you have a good one.
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      can you let us know who the blogger is?
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