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Hello guys! I would like to ask you guys a simple question.
Im getting more results promoting affiliate products using videos but i have a friend who recently created an eBook and he is killing it.

In my option and personal experience videos are more attractive than eBooks. Also the nice makes a impact on the product.
What do you think! What is better Eboks or Videos
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    I think it's more a question of how the information best gets its point across.

    For example, a recipe that is written down would probably be easier to follow than a video of the recipe. While, how to do an exercise with proper form would probably be best displayed via video as opposed to eBook.

    Or, you can just do both.
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      I would suggest to use both an eBook and videos as it will create more value to your offer and some people like videos and some like to read or you can offer an eBook version at one price or a video version at another price or a combo deal at a higher price, so you appeal to everyone's likes.

      I hope this helps,

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        At the risk of stating the obvious, some people will be more interested in ebooks, others in videos.

        Sometimes I will disregard a page if there is only a video. I like to be able to read quickly and scan things as I please.

        Sometimes videos are the only (preferable) way to go, as a previous poster pointed out.
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      If you are promoting affiliate ebooks using video then continue to do that while you create your own ebook or have someone create it for you. It is much easier to rank with video, so if you continue to promote your own ebook with video you will probably do better.

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    Different people learn in different ways. It is great advice to create your material in both written and video format. I definitely prefer and learn better by reading. I don't have the attention span to watch videos.

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      Some viewers are more interested to read some huge stuff but there is is no doubt that video is more attractive than e-book.
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    Ebooks is great to cover a wide board of topics in one place. Video is much suitable for covering one specific topic. Long article with a video is killing to win the SEO and visitors.

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    Both if you can,, video and pdf too
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    Video - but I do have an interest to declare here. See my sig for more info.
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    I say go for both if you can, but more importantly you need to consider quality. Video might be better in branding and creating your own expert status however if it is low quality it will do more harm than good.
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    Some people like videos and some do not.

    Personally I don't like to watch videos much as I find people tend to ramble on and I can read much quicker than most videos can tell me about a product.
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    If is it, You should create ebook too.

    target visitor through every possible way.
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    Mix the two ways to get more profit than your friend, put your skills on the video and try to create an eBook,remember you don't have to be a CNN journalist to create that eBook,just be clear, explain as you can and be honest with readers, if you're enable to create eBook fo r any raison, why not hire your friend to do the work for a commission for example....
    Thus, you will profit from two different ways to drive sales to your affiliate products and make money. eBooks are powerful, but you will double your earning with a killer video that you upload to Youtube and promote it as you can.
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    I saw some marketers do both. People will love it as long as u give the value they want.

    But if u make videos, i think you can keep the video short.

    Unless you have great, really great info, if not just keep them short.

    Keep it up, its all about testing my friend.

    # Product + System + Traffic = ??

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    I agree with many others- both if possible. Videos are useful if I want to do mindless tasks while I watch/listen, but when I want to "get to the point" I prefer to scan a PDF. Good luck!
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    I personally prefer Ebook rather than Videos because like many members here already said, I prefer to read fast and get to the point.
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