Is there a fulfillment center that does this?

by Joseph Then 3 replies
I understand that fulfillment center would deliver audio CDs, notes, etc to the clients on behalf of us.

Can you recommend any good fulfillment center that are good in delivering non-CD stuff?

I was thinking of sending some papers with custom-printed pictures to my client, not CD.

The package will include 20+ pieces of custom-printed pictures, a board and an instruction paper. All letter-size.

Any recommendations?
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    If your main market is in the U.S. I can recommend

    I've recently started with them and they are way better (and cheaper, if you can believe it) than others I've used.
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  • If your market is the U.S., Canada or the U.K/Europe. Check out

    Please note, I work there. Our website and free trial are a great way to test and come to your own opinion.
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    Hi I am looking for a company that will duplicate my cd and mail it to my customers. Is there any company that does that?
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