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( I know I could just experiment to find all this out -- but I thought I'd just ask here to save me some time)...

1) I have not used g- hangouts yet. But I see how one can use a (my) webcam to create a hangout. While I'm doing this, what other elements can I add? Screencapture? (like jing or camtasia). Can I add image files? Or must images be actual screenshots -- basically still (static) screencapture? Can I add video *files* into the hangout? Or must that be screen capture too (which means lower resolution).

2) I keep hearing how hangouts are loved by google (read: get ranked really well), but I'm not sure how/why. If the live hagnout gets recorded, and basically becomes nothing more than a youtube video, how does google "know" that it was originally a live hangout? How does a recorded hangout get ranked any better than a just-plain YT video?

-- TW
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