How Does One Create an Effective Squeeze Page?

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Have been trying a lot these days in the area of list building, but one thing I believe I'm doing wrong is the outline and structure of my squeeze page, can someone help me with how to create an effective squeeze page?
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    There is no one-size-fits-all approach. There is no template. Instead, your squeeze page must fit the needs of your actual traffic base. No theory. No top-down solution. No off-the-shelf solution. Nothing but old fashioned trial and error via split testing can help you put together a squeeze page that actually works. If you try to play this game like everyone else, you'll probably get middling, at best, results.

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    i have some squeeze page tricks which helped me a lot.hope these will help you too.
    1. Make the offer match the medium
    2. Offer less than you think you should
    3. Reduce form fields
    4. Turn your call-to-action into a give-the-payoff
    These aren’t the only tricks I use, but they are some of the most valuable

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      Some things I have found that increase conversions...

      1) The less text the better.
      2) Simple image background.
      3) Email field only.
      4) Only tell the results of the opt-in download, not exactly what the DL product is....Leave some mystery.
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    Are you using a template? Have you tried split testing? Are you tracking your traffic from various sources so you can tell how each source converts? It could be your traffic sources...or maybe you haven't really had enough traffic to say your squeeze page is bad...

    I don't really know how to help without knowing more about your situation. You have received some good advice so far..a couple of folks have mentioned what works best for me - less is more.
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    Answer these questions as fast as you can (within seconds)...

    -Where am I?
    -What can I do here?
    -Why should I do it?

    -Create a clear "eye path" from top left through the copy leading to the CTA, no distractions.
    -A headline that is a headline not just a Title.
    -A headline with a Sub-headline
    -Bullets points
    -CTA needs to stand out.
    -CTA-button copy is in first person (e.g. Yes, I want to start yada yada yada, sign me up)
    -Social proof.
    -Ease trust anxiety by using "trust signals" (e.g., Security seals, awards, etc.)
    -Just great copy-offering
    -Clarity trumps Persuasion.
    -An Irresistible Offer will sell no matter what.

    Test test test!
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    And don't forget, your background needs an image of a beach...
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      You need 3 elements:

      - great copy
      - great design
      - great offer (offer something they can't resist)

      You can find plenty of high converting squeeze page templates around. Just open an html editor and modify em as you like. Its easy stuff.

      The headline is very important and a crucial part, try to create a strong attention grabbing headline.
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    1.) Offer a gift of high value
    2.) Ask for as little information as possible
    3.) Strong compelling headline and description
    4.) A background reflecting the niche you are in.
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    I've heard that the plain Janes convert much better than the "modern" sleek squeeze pages.
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    It's all about having strong copy, a lot of testing (on targeted traffic), tweaking and optimizing. You need to know how to deliver strong calls to action.
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      A squeeze page is used to persuade people to sign-up for a free newsletter.

      The first thing one should do is to get clear understanding of the people you want to receive your newsletter. This will help you resonate with them more effectively.

      Your main objective is to make visitors sign up.

      That said, make sure every word you write is in line with that objective. Get obsessed with your goal - nothing else.

      On-line or off-line, we copywriters, utilize psychological techniques to persuade prospects to take a desired course of action.

      Now, here are a few points to consider when writing your squeeze page.
      • Your headline must be attention-demanding
      • The benefits of your newsletter subscription should be in bullet form.
      • Ask your prospects to sign-up
      • Offer a valuable FREE report or e-book to those who sign-up.
      • Your opt-in form must be simple - just the name and e-mail address are enough.
      • You may consider providing proof of your claims. Indicate the number of your subscribers or testimonials if you have some.
      Remember to keep your squeeze page short. The focus of your page content must be to make your reader type something in the opt-in box--- name and e-mail address.
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