How can I make money from this crazy idea?

by YseUp
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Hey guys,

So I've been trying my hand at IM for a year or so now. The first venture was a blog which I knew was unsustainable, still I made $200 from that.

I've now set up a review website which I've just had my second sale from (made $30 so far) and have another project which is purely a list building vehicle.

Even though I'm just starting out I want to go full time at the end of the year. I've been saving up for a while and should be able to survive on nothing but my savings for a whole year (not taking into account any money I make through IM or other means). Now I'll be acting out this crazy plan in exotic cheap warm countries and I was thinking of how I could use this as another opportunity to make some money through IM.

So here's the question. The vehicle for this would be a blog / site where I write and video blog about my travels. How should I go about making money from this? Focus on the travel niche? Be a real life example of Tim Ferris' Four Hour Work Week? Should I be honest and show how I'm trying to make it as a full time IM'er, or allow people to get the impression (not lie) that I am already making a lot of money through IM?

How would you make money from what I'm about to do?
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    Hello YseUp,
    That might be an idea using a blog to show your money making journey. I think you will gain a lot of creditability that way. I mean if you look at an existing blog Caroline Middlebrook showed her readers the journey it took before she took the plunge into being a full time IMer. It took her around a year as well. I believe she has a lot of readers. (

    Just a thought hope it helps.


    Have a great day

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      I don't want to be dishonest, so I'll probably go down the 'follow my journey' route.

      I would feel comfortable in writing an e-book about my preperations though.
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      I agree with Keren.
      I think it's always best to be honest. Caroline Middlebrook impressed me with her honesty and I think it only helped her on her journey.

      If you read her blog, you will see that a fair portion of her initial income came from her own product. That may be an idea for you too.
      If you live somewhere exotic, you could write an ebook about settling in a foreign country, about your specific country or something along those lines.

      You could set up a travel blog, sure. There are quite nice affiliate programs in that niche. And maybe you find a language course you could promote.

      Good luck with whatever you do!
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    I think both new and old IM'ers will -always- be starving for a real person who's doing real projects and genuinely reporting all the results. You can easily build up a nice list that way, if people perceive you as being in the same boat as them and not holding anything back in what you share.

    Heck if you end up doing this PM me and I'll be your first sign up

    - Harry Behrens

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    Hi , I think you are onto something unique which is always a good thing and being honest and sharing ones journey with a bit of wisdom is great , it might make a good tv programe who knows don't limit yourself , maybe you need to work out ways of converting the traffic into sales , post the same question again in a different format , so maybe you can get a different answers from different people ,
    take care
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