What is your business model?

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There are many viable business models around, but what is yours? Without going into specifics if you don't want to, what kind of business model works for you?

Eg a blog with revenue from advertising
Eg PPC to a merchant product or service
Eg you provide your own service and charge hourly/per project etc
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    Why would you want or need to know which business model other people use for success in IM when a glance through your post history discovers that you boast of regularly earning £100,000 per annum with only a single hours work per day, and dispel the thought that a list is a valuable asset to a business.

    An indication of the valuable contribution you make to WF with such incisive posts is that not a single person has "thanked" you during the 7 or 8 months you've been a member here.

    I could reveal a simple method of multiplying tenfold what you earn annually, but why should I? You come across - as do many on here - as someone who has created an over-inflated personal image of their limited perceived success, yet contradict that in many ways via the nature of your posts.

    I suggest you concentrate on scaling what you have, if it's that successful, and not be concerned about the success of others . . . who quietly go about their business without feeling the need to know what others are up to.
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    List building through an effective sales funnel. I wouldn't consider another model as being efficient through leveraging your sales funnel works and gives you time to grow your business by adding multiple income streams.

    Good luck!
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    List building and SEO
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    List building is my business model. I don't sell solo ads or do swaps or anything like that. I just build my list, build a relationship with those people, help them out as much as I can, and send them the occasional offer that I think could benefit them. Sometimes it's an offer I created or a link to an affiliate product...
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    Solo ad,Web Designing and SEO.....
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    Showing people the Journey to retirement via alternative methods of making money and web/graphic design

    Join the Journey - www.cieranorthern.com

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    Retail Ecommerce, Adsense sites, graphic design business, coaching business.

    I think that about sums it up!
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    My passion is Apps, particularly game apps.
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    Selling services in which i am expert
    Plus making revenue from site traffic
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    Helping people --- How ever I can help people I do and it earns me a profit and I enjoy what I do so very much.

    keep moving forward

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    Step 1. Pick a famous product with high affiliate payouts

    Step 2. Write the best review about it.

    Step 3. Rank it #1,2 or 3 in Google

    Step 4. Make money
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