Google-flagged as Dangerous Site!?!

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Hello warriors,

One of my main wordpress blogs (which has been running and generating 4-figures per month for me for over half a year) has been flagged by Google as "potentially dangerous". When I try to browse to my blog, a Google red alert message appears on my browser.

I checked Google Webmaster Tools and apparently my site has been injected with some malware/trojans/whatever nasty stuff I sincerely know nothing about. I have searched all over my blog's PHP files and I havent found anything suspicious.

Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix it? or how to search for that malware within the blog?

Thanks a lot guys!
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    Would help if you would post a URL - my crystal ball's a little foggy this morning.

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    Try checking your footer files for "random" iframes inserts. We had a site that got hacked and iframes were added to malware sites. That maybe the issue...
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  • Yeah that's what I thought at first Dylan, but I've checked the footer, the header, the sidebar, etc and I cant find anything suspicious
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    Google does NOT check YOUR site for infection! It checks your pages for code that CAN INFECT! The warning is NOT ofr you, but visitors to your page. Basically it means, for your visitors, "BE CAREFUL! We have determined that visiting this page might cause malware to be downloaded and/or run on your computer.". It is highly unlikely that you would ever find that in a PHP program. Simply check the source of the page you display to the visitor. Remember, you ARE subject to guilt by association, so a link to a malware site might get YOUR site flagged.

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    WELCOME - to the wonderful world of the JS redirect virus hackers. They are destroying sites all over the Net right now -

    These hackers are extremely invasive and will build holes all over your site before planting the virus so when you lock them out to fix things, they just come right back in and post more crap as fast as you can get rid of it.

    You will have to find all security holes they built and try to plug them up - know they have bots that will be coming back in other holes as fast as you can plug them.

    These hackers replace real java scripts with fake ones that look almost completely the same - hard to clean up by all means. I am still wondering what to do about my site - had to remove the PHP scripting all together - only the html survived. Had to have the host pull some of their files, too -- using an excellent host, not cut rate stuff, so even the better hosts can't keep these hackers out.
    Kevin Riley just had to pay someone for a major overhaul and Peter Bestel is now finding out how hard this thing is to eradicate.

    These thugs are taking down sites left and right - anything php is vunerable.

    If you have a yahoo counter - check your code there against the real code for that script and you will get a good view of what their coding patterns are.

    Good luck. Make sure you get all security holes plugged before you bother cleaning up codes or you are just wasting time.
    If your site is small - just dump it and start over - just lift text and dump everything else.

    It's also important for you to dump anything pdf that you are giving out.

    Good luck.

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      And I thought it was just me...

      Having been offline for a couple of weeks, due to a Trojan on my desktop pc, still don't know how it got through with my anti-virus on at all times and always up to date. So, before I reformat the drive, I've bought a new laptop...

      ...and trying to catch up, when I visit my sites, some have a similar warning to the OP and others are just unavailable.

      I was believing that all this is just beyond me, it's hard enough when your PC is behaving, but having to deal with these smart '***holes' whose only desire is to destroy rather than create left me with the feeling that it was just not worth it.

      Now knowing I'm not alone, I'm determined to get my sites back.
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    With it tagged like that in Google, you earnings will tank. Best fix it and quick. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help you. At 4 figs a month, spend the money to secure it properly or get off wordpress onto something that isn't swiss cheese.

    My only Wordpress sites I'm proud to say are now hosted at You can use if you have your own product and aren't playing middle man with affiliate links.

    Otherwise go static if you can. Saves lots of headaches. Blogger ftp'd to your own domain works nicely as well.

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    This is the reason I created WordPress Secured, you should read the sales copy on my site... Websites have been forced to drop their domain name because of this..

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    If you can't find it, just contact google and ask! Might take a while, but they'll answer
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