Presell emails to sales messages. Best ratio?

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I just asked one of the email marketing 'gurus' about this and was roundly ignored:
'Feel free to ask me any questions'. etc, etc. Alrighty then!

So, in followup messages to your list, how much selling is too much?
Do you focus on a lot of preselling and free info. before making your pitch?
5:1 ratio of presell to sales message? Would this be about right?

What is your view? Experienced opinions sought, and appreciated.

Final thought: I actually like to be on a few email lists where the sender mails
me a series of messages that contain latest product launches, useful products,
marketing tools etc. It doesn't worry me if every email contains an affiliate link,
I'm not forced to buy anything. BUT apparently this is not good list
etiquette and could be considered 'spamming'. Maybe I should sell my heart out
and consider any unsubscribes as 'probable no-purchasers' anyway. No?
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    There's no secret formula. Test what works best with YOUR list and run with it.
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      Exactly right. It will depend on your business model, your niche, your personality, and the way you built your list. To name a few.

      You would treat a list built from low quality solo ads in the IM space differently than a list of people built on purchases in weight loss or weight lifting, for example.

      There are probably at least as many successful churn and burn email marketers as there are long term relationship builders.
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