I need a steady article writer

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I need 20 500 word articles a month. Steady work but I need someone reliable.
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    I can do that for you. My rates are 4cents a word. PM me if that works.
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        I will write your articles for you.

        I charge $12 per article - any topic - 500 words, approx.

        References: Tim Gorman, Glenn Leader. PM them on this Forum!

        Jim ><>
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          Emailrevealer - you can find samples of my work at guaranteedarticles.com - please let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

          Need an article writer? Get high quality 400 word articles for only $10...check out my samples at http://GuaranteedArticles.com.

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            I'll throw my group into the mix. We've been "steady writers" since 2005.
            Article Authors
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              All I have to say is that article writing competition is brutal.....

              Frank Bruno
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                Let me give you some advice. And this is from somebody who used to
                freelance but gave it up because it just doesn't pay anywhere near what I
                make from the income I get from one article submitted to EZA.

                A lot of people say you get what you pay for with articles. That is only true
                to an extent. See, because competition is so fierce, people who are just
                starting out are charging ridiculously low prices. But, that doesn't mean these
                people can't write. They just have no confidence yet or they're being so
                undercut that they feel they have no choice.

                Look for the best price FIRST and work your way up.

                Here is how you do it. It's simple. Ask for 3 samples of the person's writing.
                If you feel that it is quality writing, hire them. Make sure all the terms are
                spelled out as far as payment, delivery, the whole 9 yards.

                There is no reason to pay $12 for a 400 word article when you can get the
                same quality article for $3. And yes, you can, which is why I am long gone
                from freelancing.

                It's a buyers market, so take advantage of it.
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                  I've also found that local colleges are great places to hire article writers and spinners for very affordable prices.
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                    People who charge $3 per article have no brain!!!

                    People who book these people are only a bit better than that.

                    If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. Apologies to any monkeys offended by this statement.

                    Now do you really want a reliable articvle writer who can write clearly and creatively to a high original story.

                    No monkeys were harmed during the writing of this rant
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                      I withdraw my offer.

                      I only put my hat in the ring cause
                      a friend pointed out the thread.

                      I can average $20 a month, per article,
                      with Bum Marketing, Hubs and Squidoo.

                      Why should I sell for $12 ??

                      Jim ><>

                      (Y 'all, Check out Tim Gorman or Travis Sago)
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