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by Savi04
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I'm newbie in IM, just bought a video course and getting all the basics, would you mind to share what was your start in IM and how long it took for you to get up and runing and make first sale?
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    Hi Savi04,

    The only big advice I can give you as a newbie is to not do what I did ! Stick with an idea and see it through. take action, and do it. Don't get scattered by buying too many courses and products. It will end up confusing the hell out of you and leave you wondering which way to turn. It's a very real problem in IM, so please don't do that.
    Keep telling yourself that there is no magic bullet or quick riches method. There may be for experienced people, but not for the likes of us.

    I started affiliate marketing in the health niche. I did OK, but nothing spectacular. I guess my first sale was about a month after I started. I was excited but then I was only averaging one sale per month until I started Facebook Ads. That changed a lot of things.

    Now I moved on to information products, and I'm just about to start my first product. I will incorporate a bit of affiliate marketing into my plan at first until i have my own product to sell.

    What plan are you following ?
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    I took way to long to get myself into a position where I could rely on the income coming in. I made just about every mistake out there, chasing magic buttons, not seeing projects through and boy did I suffer from information overload. I made the odd sale of course, a bit like the warrior above really.
    However once I realised that if I carried on in this way, my results would just be the same, it led me to make the best decision of my life. I got some mentoring.

    That set me up with a plan and some motivation. Things moved pretty quickly after that. I quit my job and moved to the south of France. I make a healthy living now building subscriber lists and creating products, sales funnels and email marketing courses. I also have a small passive income from Kindle too.

    The main advice is stick with something that interests you and immerse yourself in it.
    If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Always glad to help where I can.

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    Originally Posted by Savi04 View Post

    I'm newbie in IM, just bought a video course and getting all the basics, would you mind to share what was your start in IM and how long it took for you to get up and runing and make first sale?
    I started in the health niche as that was my passion. I wrote a free report and set up an squeeze page and autoresponder to build my list. I started with a weekly newsletter as I didn't think that I would have time or enough content to email more often. I only ever promoted affiliate products then my own in that.

    I don't however think that this was a good idea. It's better to email your list more often than this even if you do get more unsubscribes.

    I then wrote my first ebook and promoted that to my list. I can't remember how long it was before I got any sales.

    I do better sending out the affiliate promotions on their own and keep the newsletter more for announcing my latest blog post and health news & tips.

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    Listen to the guys above - don't fall for magic bullet, push button crapolla.. pick a niche - or even a tactic that works in different niches (eg. writing or graphics) and stay with it till it makes you money on a regular basis.
    Don't get on the WSO buying merry-go-round.
    Best of luck!
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    Don't buy anymore video courses.

    Google, this forum, a mentor (if you can afford one) and a functional brain is all you need (although a few boxes of donuts can be helpful at times.

    For the first month, read as much as you can about how this whole "make money online" thing works.

    Then, TAKE ACTION!

    Good luck!

    All the best,
    JR John
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    Information overload is a killer - try one blueprint and stick with it for at least 3 months before deciding if it is going to work for you.
    Choose a niche topic that you will enjoy, have some skills in and of course people are willing to spend money in.
    The difference in terms of income for me was when I went from affiliate marketing to creating my own products.
    Good luck.
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    As others have already said, work out what you're going to do and do it!

    My other bit of advice is to have patience. It might feel like you're not getting anywhere fast but keep at it. Great things can take time..
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    Originally Posted by Savi04 View Post

    I'm newbie in IM, just bought a video course and getting all the basics, would you mind to share what was your start in IM and how long it took for you to get up and runing and make first sale?
    I started making money when I wasn't afraid to tell my story and talk about my struggles. People want to connect with you. They want to do business with someone that is authentic. You never have to pretend to be someone you're not. Do as much as you can to create value. You do this by constantly bettering yourself with books, audios and mentors. When you learn something new that helps you, share it with the world and talk to them about how it will help them, especially if it's an affiliate product. Stay in the mindset of I am here to help others. Do these things and you will go far!

    Affiliate links and affiliate templates are not allowed.

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      Thanks for all the tips warriors
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    When I started internet marketing I had
    blinders on. I wasn't even building my list!

    When I did get the gist of things I focused
    sole on further educating myself and list
    building. The binge on the education was
    so that I could share with my list.

    My first sale didn't come until I was a
    year into it - because I wasn't necessarily
    trying to sell. My first mentor stressed
    on relationships and THEN the money.
    Your Funnel is Waiting. Fill It With Unlimited Leads
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    First off hi I made my first sale back in 2006 I remember it was a guide on how to get rid of man boobs lol funny but true.

    As far as making your first sale it all depends on how serious you take internet marketing @ how much time you put into it.

    My very first sale back in 06 was made by placing a simple classified using the bum marketing method now outdated on a site called usfreeads.

    My advice to you would be to study the basics or even buy a course that shows you the basic rundowns of internet and affiliate marketing then take massive action.

    My best tip would be start an email list
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    Only when i stopped reading IM products and started selling my own expertise that was point when i really started making some bank online

    And it took me 3 years to understand this that best way to earn online is to sell you expertise
    If you are not expert try to be in one
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    Patience is the main game in IM. Choose one plan, stick into it and keep patience. Too many ideas to get started is enough to ruin your dreams at IM.
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    Just get in the game. Real learning won't take place till then. Time to first sale is all about you. Do you believe you can be successful? Focus on your mindset and one approach. Don't listen to the critics, don't listen to people who will tell you that it's dumb and won't work. Nobody gets rich overnight, but success can happen faster if you really focus. Honestly, some of these video courses are better than others but you'll never know till start.

    No EN links, please

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    Thanks for all info folks
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    I saw progress in my business when I devoted 70% of my time on taking action and 30% on learning (reading). I wish I did that when I started out, but just like Simon, got trapped
    into the 'new shiny object' syndrome and took a while to get out.

    It's great that you bought the course, but this is where many new marketers stop.
    Dive into the material and focus until you see your first sale.
    As soon as the first sale is made, everything will get easier.
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    I made my very first sales as an affiliate using YouTube videos.

    But what really took things to the next level for me was when I
    started building my own email list.

    Creating products, building a buyers list and promoting affiliate
    products too is the way to go for me.

    Again there are probably endless ways to make money online.

    But the most stable and consistent way to see incomes keep coming
    in online for me personally is by using list building bar none.

    Hope this helps you out.
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    First, don't get sucked in by all the hyped up ebook courses out there that promise you quick success. write a detailed plan of action, get motivated, get focused, and get to work - most of all, avoid distractions. Unfortunately there is so much to learn and you can get lost very quickly in the online world.

    Most people get scatter brained and go off in many directions. Try to pick one or two things and work consistently at them for 30 or 60 days and you should start to see results.

    Don't get distracted! Good luck!

    Maybe join a mastermind group or find a coach or mentor.
    I am currently looking to add 3 driven members to my new (FREE) Mastermind group - Are you interested?
    - Join my MasterMind Group -
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    Biggest piece of advice I can give is to be contrarian. Don't do what everyone else is doing and do it where everybody else is doing it. Instead, take an idea or system that works and apply it in a new way or market.
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    Plenty of great tips in the above responses. I'd take it a step further and recommend getting a coach as a top priority.
    Why? A proper coach will keep you focused and accountable. He or she will force you into action, and keep you too busy to get distracted by the thousands of shiny buttons.

    Keep in mind there are a lot of coaching options available. Let's break them down:

    1.) Video coaching / forums. Can have amazing content and a lot do, but the big drawback to most of these is its up to you to go through the content at your own pace. And that's where many fail to commit.
    2.) Video coaching / forum WITH personal coaching. These programs often include limited access to a real person (via email or possibly phone/Skype) and can be a super compromise in that they offer value and can keep you focused for as long as you can maintain that personal contact.
    3.) 1 on 1 live coaching. By far the best, although usually most expensive, method. But expensive today can be the cheapest approach long term. A real, breathing coach that communicates with you weekly or more frequently will keep you 100% focused and targeted to do the work at hand.

    Look its really easy to get distracted in the IM space, having a coach will keep that to a minimum. Best of luck and welcome aboard!
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    It's a good idea to come here if you have a definite question.
    But don't let it smother your individualism.

    There is no governing body approving or disapproving what
    you try.

    Ready-Fire-Aim rather than Ready-Aim-Fire has proven
    successful for many.

    I once read...

    It's been said that people stop thinking for themselves
    the moment they are born. I think people stop thinking
    for themselves the moment they enter internet marketing.
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    Agree with everyone else who says PATIENCE! It took me a while to get started and even longer to consistently make money and even longer to grow the income month over month. Funny how that works, right?

    However, it really is different for everyone. What I tell you about my situation makes no difference in your situation. You might earn money faster or slower and not at all. It really is an individual sport and you can't compare yourself to anyone else.
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    Best piece of advice I ever received was to pick something (anything) and take ACTION on it.

    You might fail at first. You probably will, actually. That's a GREAT thing. Because you will learn from it, and do it differently and better the next time. As you fumble you'll learn what works and what doesn't.

    Also - there is no "get rich quick and easy". It takes time and diligence to be successful. So like everyone else is saying - have patience and keep moving forward
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