How to Get 3 Sales Per Day to This Niche Site?

by rimam1
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I'm trying to get 3 affiliate sales per day (I'll settle for 10 per week). I know it's possible if I make a few changes.

I'm targeting martial artists and fitness enthusiasts who want to build muscle without lifting weights. The site is

What should I change in terms of design, structure, content, or offers?

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    You could help the surfers, by making a note in each post about where to get more isometric exercises. This with a link to you product of course.

    When I want to read something I usually read the article, without looking too much at the sidebar.
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      Hi Raza

      I think you should not have your blog home page as your landing page. It gives to many options for your visitors that don't know where to look or click.

      Create a post within your blog and use it as your landing page. I think it's best for you to "share your story" in that post.

      The tone should be honest and not salesy. As an affiliate you should pre-sell, not sell. Warm them with your story that could be similar to theirs.

      Say how you had the same problems as they did - for example, not being able to use weights to build strength, etc.

      Then you say you tried lots of different thing, but they didn't work.

      But then you found *the product you're promoting* and it finally got you rid of your problems.

      That like the simplest way to pre-sell and to make some sales.

      Plus, use what you have on you blog as supporting posts. If someone wants to learn more about the topic they can do it on your blog. But always incorporate links to the product in the post and on the sidebar. Of course, don't overdo it.

      Hope this will help you.


      PS: I developed a cool tactic to pre-sell using blogs and getting traffic traffic through PPC. I called it Power PreSell and it's all about removing yourself from the postition of someone who promotes stuff directly to his visitors and yet you have links to the product. It's powerful because it creates massive social proof of the product and makes you appear extremly honest and credible when giving recomendations. But, probably that's too advanced for what you want now and I really don't have time to explain it all here. If you get successful with your goals, PM me and I'll show you what to do. Take care
      MY CV ❱❱❱ 12+ yrs exp, 7-fig revenues, 40 employees.. 39 actually, someone just left the company, f**k!
      I like to innovate stuff and babble IM stuff into a camera:
      I do this on the side, will try to sell you something, be sure of it!
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    Great to hear that Raza.

    Yep, that's a great strategy. If you're driving traffic from Google, ie. you are paying for the traffic, then don't hesitate to raise your bids just because it would lower your profits. I'd be satisfied with only breaking even, because your goal is as you said to test the conversion.

    Then if you see this could be profitable and decide to make your own product, don't forget to make it even more valuable than the one you promoted. The simplest thing you could do is to offer the same information in physical format. Make a CD or DVD. You could also create a Power Point presentation and hire a voice talent to make a cool video tutorial. All of this stuff will make your product perceived as more valuable. Then you can always offer a downsell which would be your product in digital format.

    No prob, just PM me when your ready and I'll take a look at your project. I still haven't finished my Client Selection test, but we can easily communicate through email.

    Take care and I wish you all the success in your business!


    PS: If you have a question, feel free to PM me.
    MY CV ❱❱❱ 12+ yrs exp, 7-fig revenues, 40 employees.. 39 actually, someone just left the company, f**k!
    I like to innovate stuff and babble IM stuff into a camera:
    I do this on the side, will try to sell you something, be sure of it!
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      I would add/create a bonus to go with this product. Then add an opt-in form and give the bonus away as incentive to opt-in. Now you've captured a lead. Setup your autoresponder series and continue to market this product and possibly related products.
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    nice niche i was thinking about a ufc type site
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    i think putting in the video is actually a good move. it really captures peoples interest. but i would have to agree with one of the responses, that theres a lot going on in this page.
    I hope i am being helpful.
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