Are you worried about net neutrality?

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At issue in the case, Verizon vs. FCC, is the concept of net neutrality – the idea that all information on the Web should be equally privileged. The FCC had previously established a set of rules on net neutrality and "The Open Internet"; this week's ruling strikes down those rules.

As Edward Wyatt of the New York Times has noted, it is now conceivable that Internet service providers, such as Verizon, will be able to "offer Internet content providers — ESPN or Facebook, for example — faster service to deliver their content to consumers, at a price." - In case of Verizon vs. FCC, is net neutrality the real loser? -

What does this mean for Internet Marketers? Our sites are teacups to the ocean compared to google or netflix. Will we have to pay a fee to the ISP to allow their customers to be able to see our sites? I sure hope not.

What do you guys think?
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    I have a good feeling that the FCC will either find a way around it...or some type of new law will be passed at some point in the future.

    It's definitely concerning, but that's my prediction (of course...I could be wrong :-) )
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    the worst thing any IMer wants to hear:

    we have to pay a fee to the ISP to allow their customers to be able to see our sites
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      I think that it is a complicated subject that has years yet to play out. I'd guess that the immediate effect for the average consumer will be nil as ISPs wait to see if this ruling will stand and if the legislature or government agencies are going to step off the sidelines.
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