To make a new blog or expand current one?

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I have a travel blog which is making money off dating website affiliates. the income is not huge, but its doing okay. I have a small following which is growing. The main objective of my blog is to talk about my travels over many different countries. While the dating affiliates which are making me a small cash flow are for one particular country.

My problem is my blog is making money for a secondary niche which is not the main objective of my blog.

So do I:

1) I create a new website labled something like "" (< Just en example), and create 5-10 topics on how to get girls and blah blah blah. And hope people visit my site, hope my articles are good enough and rank well with SEO (perhaps I can link it via my blog website).

2) Carry on with my blog, and create a few pages/blog posts and a drop menu list about how to get girls and offer tips. As my blog is already ranked in several search engines, has a web presence etc etc. But thats not the main goal of my blog.

what would you guys do?
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    It all depends on your audience. Using your example above:

    If your audience consists mostly of single men who like to travel, you'd probably be safe putting the stuff on your current site. But if your niche audience is made up of married retirees (who make up a good chunk of that market), you'll offend your readers, lose income, and have almost zero success with your secondary niche.
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    Figure out who your audience is now. If they are guys who are looking for advice on dating Thai women (wasn't very hard to figure out that's where your dating sales are coming from) then continue with the current blog - no sense in stopping promoting it if people are clicking and buying.

    The Thai dating / girls blogging sphere is already quite saturated and most of them are already very well established. I think based on the questions you've been asking here past few days that you'd struggle to compete. You don't seem to have the SEO skills and these sites are mostly getting their traffic from search engines.
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    I would make the content consistent with the marketing. You could, however, have the affiliate ads show on rotation with more content specific ads so you still get some consistency between content and offer as well as clicks from the affiliate ad.

    No EN links, please

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    Not sure I'd classify your blog making you money for a secondary niche as a problem, persay. But I take your point.
    Your current blog is getting traffic and earnings. I wouldn't mess with that at all. If you want it to appear more consistent, then by all means put in a couple of posts about dating tips, etc., ESPECIALLY if you can tie it in to personal experiences you've had while travelling.

    That'll resonate nicely with both the visitors coming for dating advice, and for your primary target market.
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