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Hi Friends,

Just got a question.

Is there anybody who knows, How the US government, SSN, Tax system deal with a retired person how wants to works with Clickbank as an affiliate please?

Is it good, or not it is bad for such a person to be an affiliate and EARN Online money (say managed to earns more than 600$ a month via CB)? The one who I am talking about is living in the US have worked there for years and be retired, he is on Social Security (SSN). Now is there any problem or any issue about SSN, or anything please?

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    No idea please?
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    This subject is a little complicated for simple forum discussion.

    Your retired friend needs to contact his/her local Social Security
    Administration office and discuss it with them or seek legal advice
    from an attorney who specializes in Social Security rules.
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    If he has reached full retirement age for the year he was born then he can earn any amount without it affecting his benefits. If he is retired and on social security due to health reasons but has not reached full retirement age, his benefits will be cut if he earns too much money.
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    ^if he makes a ton of money, he wont be needing those benefits
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    I agree with TSnyder - contact the social security office - you can probably do so thru their website or 800 number.

    I do not have much good to say about how our govt operates but I must give credit where credit is due - I helped my wife sign up for her small pension a year or so ago and shortly after submitting the info online she got a call from the local SSA office and was given a person with whom she could call with any questions....I even got to ask her some questions about my own upcoming date and she was very pleasantly helpful.

    Call SSA (Social Security Administration) or put a request in at their website: The United States Social Security Administration rather than rely on 2nd hand information.


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    If you make more than $600 you have to let the Social Security Administration know about it.

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      People are making this far too complicated.

      Go to the Social Security website and there are answers to all of your questions. Yes, you can work - there may be income limits depending on current age.

      You can work and earn money and it's taxable income.
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      Depends on their age, how much is made during a certain time period, if they are eligible for a "pass plan" and countless other variables.

      A good place to start is at: Retirement Planner: Getting Benefits While Working

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