So, how to build a relationship with my email list?

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Hi warriors,

As the title, what's the best ways to build a relationship with my email list? Just by giving them free info? or there's another things?

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    Provide what they signed up for.

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    The best way to build a relationship with your list is by being yourself. Make people see that you are real, authentic and there to share value. Don't just sell all the time. Share videos, blog posts, free ebooks, quotes, etc. It's also vital that you keep in contact with your list meaning you email at least 3-5x per week.
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      Also, ask them what they want. What their fears are, hopes are, experience is...etc.

      Have a survey in your follow up sequence early on and as your list builds, so will the replies.

      You will then have a much better idea of what they want and thus you can then provide that.

      Tell stories and keep it fun too.

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    I constantly ask questions in my title. I encourage emailing and sometimes even skyping. I am fanatical about building a true relationship with me list.

    I answer every mail myself within 24 hours. It has worked well for me.

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    Write to them like they are a friend.

    I'm serious. Pick someone that you know that has the same feelings and quality's as your prospect. What you would say? How would you say it?

    Initially I would assume you got their email address from giving away a free report or something like that. That's good.

    The next 2 emails aren't "Hey give me some money" emails. Now, your building trust and a rapport with your prospect offering simple tips and tricks,

    But your not giving away all the good stuff. By the 3rd email start your offer and get them into the buy mode for your solution to their problem.


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    PJ and Adam, great to see you guys here!

    Create value, become valuable. Treat your list like a huge - or small depending on the size of your list - group of people in a a party.

    Each person cares very much about a good host. Be a good host. Solve their problems. Ask them questions. Provide answers. This is the quick and easy way to build relationships with subscribers aka people....
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    If you're doing list building properly then the relationship should be built BEFORE they even opt in.

    If the reason you're trying to build a relationship with them once they have already joined is because they're not opening your emails, clicking your links or buying from you then it's already too late and a major uphill struggle. You can't build a relationship with someone who doesn't open your emails in the first place.

    Show them upfront you know your stuff and that you have information they want. Give them solutions to their problems. Help them with what they need help with. THEN ask them to join your list.

    Forced opt ins to get information or using bribes just means you end up with people on your list who don't really want to be (they wanted the bribe) or resent the fact you're sending them emails and that's good for no one.

    It's why sending someone to a site full of epic content and warming them up then having them sign up for more of the same will always be better than sending cold traffic to a squeeze page and forcing them to opt in for a bribe.

    The first method results in high open and click rates, a great relationship, trust and sales. The latter results in low open and click rates, not so much trust and relationship and fewer sales.

    I feel like I just repeat this over and over again on here but not sure many people listen.

    I know 'everyone else' is using squeeze pages and bribes but do you really want to be like everyone else who reports measly 10% open rates?

    Just think about it logically for a second, yeah? You'll see it makes sense. Bigger isn't better in the case of list building. Smaller and more responsive lists will out perform the bigger ones.

    Once they are on your list you just give them what they signed up for - blog updates, exclusive content on your niche, product notifications, free blowjobs....whatever it was.

    If you told them you weren't going to send them solo ad promos then don't do it. If you told them you'd never send launch promos then don't do it.

    Give out valuable tips, hints and insights. Link back to your site to posts / resources. Send them other valuable content that isn't your own that you know they'll love. Solve problems they have. Ask them questions and repy to their answers.

    Just "giving them free stuff" isn't really what it's all about. Constantly give people free stuff they come to expect it and might get a bit annoyed when you send them a promotional email or try and sell to them.

    Always give them value though.
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    Build trust by being yourself and not selling the crap out of them. Take time to find out what your subscribers want/fear etc. Someone mentioned treating them like they were your friends and I agree with that. In fact they are more important than that because they really can change your life. So start by making their life better.

    Shake up your campaigns now and again maybe with humor or being controversial, look for trends that you can weave a message into. The main thing though is to be yourself and remember that you can't please everyone but you will attract the right people to you.

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    Get into their shoes, give them value of what they need.
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    Free content has to be of value to your subscribers. Put yourself in their position and imagine what they are looking for. Then, find ezine articles, videos or plr and give it to them. Really old fashioned concept, except it works. You give and , in time, you'll receive. Your subs will learn to know, like and trust you

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    I think the best advice is provide real value and don't over market your list.

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    Build trust. A lot of marketers make the mistake of just spamming people with content, and it's all push, push, push without actually building up any context with the person. Focus on building a relationship with each and everyone of your subscribers and you will see success. Don't just email them with offers, concentrate on providing what you think is beneficial to them, could be tips, information, etc.
    People only buy products that their "friends" recommend, or a person of high authority whom they trust to provide them with things that they need. Aim to be both, and your gauranteed success.

    best wishes in this new year.
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    Give them a valuable information according to there needs and don't over email them or don't mail any trash or every product which they don't need provide them tips and tricks and free stuff so they will be happy and try make your traffic circle huge because most of the subscriber unsubscribed without any reason.
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      Give free valuable quality information often, ask them questions, let them ask you questions, always answer their emails, offer quality products and services. Care for them and their results, think of what can be helpful to them in addition to what they ask for.Have quality costumer service.
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        The best definition I've seen yet for a "relationship" in this context comes from Paul Myers' updated Need to Know ebook:
        How likely is the recipient of the communication to welcome
        your message and act on it, based on your prior interactions?
        Before you hit the send button, think about this definition and the next email you plan to send. Will this email make the recipient more likely or less likely to welcome my next message and act on it?

        Do this with every message you send, and it's hard to go wrong.

        [Blatant plug: You can get the Need to Know ebook free with a subscription to Talkbiz News at Excellent book, should be required reading for newbies.]
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