Need services besides SEO that will bring in targeted traffic. Any recommendations?

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Hello all. I have an SEO client that has an extra $500-$800 a month to spend on additional services that will bring in targeted traffic. So far, I have recommended a niche forum posting service and a Facebook group posting service, which he seems interested in. Does anyone have any recommendations for a service or services that they either personally offer or one that they use that is offered by another member? Ideally it needs to be something that is effective and I can easily white label.
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    Targeted advertising, with text, banners, videos, etc.

    Or are you looking for a traffic "system?"
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    To add to what's already been suggested above -

    ***It might be easier to suggest different options if you'd mentioned the niche they're in but:-

    A few thoughts are:-

    FB Paid Ads targeting custom audiences

    FB Competitions >> depending on the niche!

    List Building via FB Ads >> offering discounts, prizes etc. Something to encourage visitors to visit their site.

    The above might be suitable to attract more visitors!
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    Thank you for the suggestions so far. I guess I was too general in my original post. I am looking for specific suggestions - I offer ______ service, I use ______'s service and it is great, etc. I know about ppc, Youtube marketing, etc. My client wants me to call him with some ideas on Monday, so I am looking for specific services that I can just white label and mark up a bit. If you know of one that is offered here or elsewhere and can link to it, that would be helpful and appreciated.

    **Also: If it helps, my client's niche is credit card processing
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    YouTube is a great way to bring in targeted traffic.
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    Far as I've been able to find are these three services which use 800x600 popunders:
    They have regional + category type targeting
    Prices are fairly reasonable since they only count those who click through to the site against the count you buy. Each is for 30 days.
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    I was thinking about looking into SMS and/or push notifications (to be honest, I have no idea what this is). Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, what was your experience?
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