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My question is regarding SE not showing our website when i search for a specific phrase (with double quotes) taken of our website.

This is very frustrating, I take a quote from our site and search it via search engine, google and yahoo will not point to my site, even at times when no other results but us out there.

Any idea what’s causing that and how to resolve are welcomed.


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    Hi Avi,

    There are a lot of variables here that could be causing this. Getting to rank for something, even in quotes is no easy feat, especially if it is a competitive niche.

    When you search for the term in quotes, how much competition is coming up?

    How new is your site?

    Most importantly, is your site actually indexed by the search engines? If you type this in google:


    does it come up? Of course you will replace mysite with your actual domain name


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      Hi Matt,

      our site is selling financial planning software, it's almost year old and I did
      submit the site few months ago (add url - google , yahoo, etc.), so it is indexed.

      yes, when i do site: my site url
      my site appears as # 12 in the result page.

      i should also said that first ~ 3 pages are indexed but not the rest of them,
      if i go 'deeper' into the website. and this is with regard to html pages, that
      the crawler should have indexed.

      Is there anything i can do to make those pages be properly indexed, is it a problem
      on my site/pages or is it only a matter of time and ranking. (our overall ranking is low)?

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        Whats your site url so we can check it out to see what your problem is. PM it to me if your dont want to disclose it over the forum.

        There can be a number of reasons why all your pages havent been indexed into the search engines. One of the main reasons is if google views the pages as being similar to each other, they only index 1 or 2 of the main pages then dont crawl or index any deeper.
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          How much promotion have you done on your site? Your niche sounds like a competitive one. I'd suggest turning up the notch on promoting your site, making sure you use anchor text that is what you want to rank for (and that you are applying SEO to your site).


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          Hi Bob, I PM you with my url. (site rules likely). Let me know if you see something that we can tune or add.

          Matt, currently we are using Google Adwords in order to promote our website and ppc etc.

          Thank you for your advise so far.
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