This is why Ur list ain't buying what your selling!

by makie
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Here is a little tip for those of you not making
a dime with your list. (Or anything you do to make money online)

I don't care how small your list is, I have made sales with a
list of 300 people on it and I am sure that there is people
here that have made money with less.

I am still fairly new to list building and email marketing and
this one tip is a big reason for my success and failure.


For some of you this is basic stuff and for others this will
be exactly the answer you have been looking for.

First off, I am not a great copywriter at all I actually get
bored researching it, but I cannot deny the Power that
comes from words that produce sales.

Of course there is more to it like picking a good offer and
targeting the right people, relationship with list and so on,
but if your struggling to make sales with your list you need
to start putting in an effort to write better copy.

It's real easy to get lazy and just email an affiliate swipe.
I am not saying that those swipes don't work, because
I know they do, but sometimes it's good to sit in front
of your computer and put some copy together and see
your results. You will be Amazed!

It never fails, every time I start to see my results drop
its because I am getting lazy with my copy. 90% of the
time it comes back to that.

For those of you just starting out, think about this
for a minute.

If you can write good enough copy to make sales
with a small list, just Imagine the money you're gonna
rake in when you have a huge list. Big Money!

Trust me, there is a reason why copywriters get paid
Fat Stacks!

There is a lot of amazing resources on the subject of
copywriting and the one that really helped me was
"Cashvertising" great book, worth way more money
then I paid for it.
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    I've had the best results from copy that took me less than 5 minutes to write, because it was in my natural voice and that was more impact-full than copy I'd labored over trying to get the wording just right. Sometimes over thinking is bad.
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    You can write crap copy and still sell a ton of stuff if your list members have reasons to trust you.
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    I agree that trust is #1 in your relationship with a list.

    If its not there they will unsubscribe.

    However, not everyone on your list will buy and therefore good copy will help in getting extra sales so its still an important skill.
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    Sharing the little secrets which you discover in forums or blogs is one of the best way to maintain a loyal following. But add your own voice to the message; also, never share something which you are not clear about. If you are able to do just this, then you are doing good.
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