Just Had My First Product Sale!

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Just wanted to share my good news.

I spent quite bit of time creating an online dating advice course and a lot of money paying for a good sales page script and video scribe to be done to promote it.

Launched it on JV Zoo last week and had someone from my list of 37 buy it for $49 last night.

I know it's only a start but it's a great relief to see a sale after the effort I've put in. (I had my doubts as I think all product creators do at the beginning)

Another reason I wanted to share this is that all the money I used to get this up and running cam from 1 hours work. I threw a video up on YT that ended up on page 1 of Google. I promoted Tao of Bad Ass through it and $6,000 from it in 18 months.

Now, I remember the day I made the video. I was close to giving in with IM but pushed myself forward and created and uploaded it. If I didn't take action that day, I wouldn't be here writing this today. Truth is, we all have times when we are ready to quit. Simply don't quit push on and it will happen.

I am no where near making a full time income from IM yet but with some tweaking, split testing and building my list (hard work!!) and reinvesting profits I know I'll get there.
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