Pie in the sky dream?

by Jeff G
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Okay this might be a pie in the sky wish, but I was wondering if there is any kind of a program or mentor/coach that I could work with to finally make something work on the internet? I have bought and tried many different types of programs but for some reason I cannot seem to get anything to work for me.

I am not looking for a push button program that magically makes you $90,000 in a week or anything like that, and I am not looking to make something from nothing. As I understand it is going to take some kind of investment (time and/or money) in order to make it work.

What I am looking for is a step by step process that myself or anyone can follow that would lead to making a small amount of profit starting out. Then be able to reinvest 100% back into the system/program in order to scale it up to making even more money.

So if anyone out there knows of anything like this or knows of anyone that has this type of coaching/mentoring out there, please let me know.

Thanks for your time
Hopeful Jeff
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    You are right to understand that there is no push button overnight riches type product. That is you already past the first hurdle and one that holds many people up for a long time. Information overload is a life blood sucker.

    I think before you find yourself a coach/mentor you need to work out exactly what area you want to operate in. For example my areas of expertise are list building, email marketing, product creation and sales funnels. You on the other hand might be into CPA and I could not help you with that.
    There are a good number of experienced marketers on here but you do need to know what area you want to work in first.

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    I notice you use the word program several time as well as system though you don't use the word business anywhere. You earn money from running a successful business. Period.

    So many people here are determined to put the cart before the horse in that they're looking at keywords and ranking and 101 other things that are irrelevant in the early going. That's the age old, time tested business model.

    Find a product or service that people want and can afford and then make it available to them with a smile on your face. In other words, always think of providing value to your customers. That means no BS spun articles, spammed backlinks and other "system" "program" short cuts. Look at how how you can add value by delivering more rather than how you can skimp. This is critical.

    The next thing you want to do is choose something you'll enjoy working at every day. The big mistake 'program' and 'system' oriented folks run into is they pick something based on niches or keywords or some other nonsense. You're going to be working with this every day for a long time to come. Since this is how you'll be spending a LOT of time with don't you think it makes sense to pick something you at least like? There's only one answer for a beginner. Pick something you like. Once you have success with that model you can branch out with more speculative projects because then and only then will you have the knowledge and experience to tough it out with something unfamiliar.

    Once you've decided what you want to offer in the marketplace then you can begin to put together a model that will work for you. That's when you'll start to find ways to build your own system.

    So many people here go at it backwards and fail because they don't recognize or implement the foundational stuff first, which is, find a need and fill it.
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