How to Get Started in IM and Not Disappear...

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Want to get started in IM and still be here in 6 months?

I was recently asked by a new marketer how to get started in internet marketing, and here's what I told him...

First you have to decide on what you want to do. I DO suggest that new IM's buy a program and learn from someone else... just be warned that many of the programs sold online are total garbage. They're created for ONE reason. To SELL it. (and many of the creators will tell you flat out they never used it to make money themselves, lol)

I've been in the business for 8 years, and have literally bought hundreds of them, and the high majority were a waste of money. I've followed so many of them exactly word for word and not made a dime.

The ones I find the most irritating tend to be software. They sell you this great software, but they've never made a dime using it themselves, lol. Again... they made it so they can SELL it. Most of it "works", but in the hands of a new marketer it's just another file on their hard drives. Without a large list and knowledge of the business, it won't do squat for you because you won't know what to DO with it.

Recently I bought a program that had over 4,000 sales... yet the Facebook group has only had around THREE people say they made money with it, and three hundred people doing nothing but asking "has anyone made money with this?", or "how do I make money with this?".

Scam? Nah... but does it work? Only for people who already have a list of 30,000 people... OR a newbie willing to put in 10 hour days for 6 months figuring it out.

The ones to watch out for the most are the ones that say how "easy" it is, how "fast" it is to make money, and how "anyone can do it". Yeah, anyone can... if they put in 30 hours a week for a year to learn, and what they end up doing is likely nothing the program taught them.

Software is a tool. Only buy it if you know what you're going to DO with it. It likely won't make you money just because you own it... it should make you money using it ON something you're already doing, to make the job easier. You wouldn't buy a spark plug wrench if you didn't know what to do with a spark plug, or a snowblower if you had no snow, would you?

If I sound negative, I'm not. I've just been around long enough and know what really happens. I've wasted hundreds of dollars and hours on things I had no business dealing with, because I didn't know the basics. (much of which can be learned for FREE right on this forum!)

So now, the good stuff.

If you want to make $ in this business, first realize that it's just that. A BUSINESS! Whether part time or full, home based or not... it's still a BUSINESS.

When is the last time you heard of anyone in a REAL business start with NO money, work 2 hours a day or week, and get rich in 3 months? You haven't... because it doesn't happen in ANY business, lol.

So if you want to succeed in this business, accept three things first. One it's going to take training, two it's going to take money, and three it's going to take time. Like I said at the start, yes, you SHOULD pay for a training program... you can find it all free online too, but it's going to be a LOT faster if you get trained by someone who's put it all together. (just not one promising riches in 30 days putting in 10 minutes a week)

Ans then realize it's going to take time to learn it, more time to put it into action, and more time to test, tweak, and get good at it... and you'll likely have to spend some more $ as you go. Can you start making money in 4-8 weeks? Sure... but be prepared to put the time into it. (2 hours a week probably won't cut it) It takes a commitment.

So... the first thing you need to do is decide what direction you want to go into. Affiliate marketing? CPA marketing? Offline? SEO? Facebook and social marketing? Mobile App Creation? List building and product creation? (there's many more) I'm not trying to confuse you, but it's a decision you need to make... WHAT biz are you getting into?

Then after you decide, STICK to that ONE thing! The problem most newbies make is they do one thing for a couple weeks, then they see a new program (what we call a "shiny object") and they start doing something else... then something else, then something else.

Pick one and do it and only it until you're making money... use this forum to get help and ask questions, and don't give up. It's only then you truly fail.

Let me know how it goes.

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