How to write a good sales email?

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Hi Warriors,

What should i consider when i'm writing a sales email with my affiliate link?
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    Sign up for mailing lists in your niche and study what they have in common. Figure out the principles behind each email. Come up with your own original email based on common principles. Do split tests. Figure out which are the most successful and study their principles and keep tweaking until you get the conversion rate you want.
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    Increased CTR occur for me when i put the link in the email 3 times.

    Increased open rates occur when i tell my subscribers to watch out for the next email.
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    I recommend a writing format similar to writing a friend. Most people hate over the top sales pitches, so there is a very fine line to make it just perfect.

    Like everything else you will get better with practice. Just keep testing and tweaking to get everything just right.

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    You could always use this tried and true approach.

    So, in the instance of creating your promo email, here's what we need to do...
    1.) Powerful subject compelling the "open"
    2.) Make it (the body) short and to the point... addressing 2 or 3 major problems
    3.) "Blindly" offer a solution in exchange for the "click".
    We're after the AIDA formula
    • Attention (email headline)
    • Interest (opener tips and introducing the product/service)
    • Desire (bullet points for the product/benefits)
    • Action (call to action, plus create a sense of urgency)
    Now we'll break that down a bit:

    1. Powerful subject compelling the "open"

    The "subject" of your swipe serves as its headline. You need to really think about your offer's main benefit and drill it home in the subject.
    • What is the main benefit your offer has?
    • What is the main problem it solves?
    Here's 3 examples with their "type", the main "benefit" of that offer" and lastly, how that offer's benefit translates to a powerful headline or subject line.
    Offer Type: Make Money Online (Free Video)
    Main Benefit: Make $200/Day
    Subject Line: "Watch Over My Shoulder as I Make $200 Today."

    Offer Type: Weight Loss
    Main Benefit: Lose 15 Pounds This Week
    Subject Line: Discover How I Lost 15 Pounds in Less than 7 Days

    Offer Type: Dating
    Main Benefit: How to Get Over Being Shy
    Subject Line: Discover how I went from standing in a corner all night to being the center of attention and girls arguing over who was going to talk to me.
    See how I've taken the main benefit of the four examples above and turned THAT into a compelling subject?

    That's the idea here. You want to take that main feature or benefit and use it as a tool to get your email solo-ad opened!

    2. Next, make (the body of your solo-ad swipe) short and to the point.

    The debate about what converts better - long or short copy - rages on but for this type of email in my experience, short, direct and to the point copy works best.

    Usually, 1 or 2 (at the most) paragraphs works best followed by a "call to action" and a link to your landing page. That's it!

    When it comes to writing the body copy of the email and this makes it pretty simple. It is...

    "Are you tired of PROBLEM, PROBLEM and PROBLEM? Well, today I have SOLUTION.

    So for the weight loss program in the example above, here's how this "formula" plays out.

    First, we'd take the PROBLEMS facing most of those in the "weight-loss" market and break them down as follows:
    • They're likely over-weight
    • Self-conscious about their weight
    • Low energy (possibly due to weight)
    And the "solution" (benefit) my offer has is "losing 15 pounds in 10 days".

    Now, using these "problems" they have and the "solution" I have, I'd craft the email promo using the formula like this...

    "Are you tired of being over-weight, always feeling tired and constantly feeling alienated from others in your social circle? Well, today I'll show you how I lost 15 pounds in less than 7 days

    This is the most important website you'll ever visit if you want to break free from the shackles of being overweight and finally feel GREAT about
    yourself when you're hanging out with friends!

    It's important to note that in the weight loss example above, I took their "problems" and used them in the solo ad; in addition to doing that, you take the SOLUTION your offer presents and use it to SOLVE those problems!

    3. Lastly, you *blindly* offer a solution in exchange for the click.

    By now we've got the subject (or headline) as well as the body copy of our email written. Now it's time to use a "call-to-action" to get them to click on the link.

    Since an this is a promotional (sales) email we'll use a "blind' call to action.

    A "blind' call to action is one where we do NOT tell them what is on the "other side" (report, video, whatever) but INSTEAD tell them the BENEFIT they'll enjoy by clicking on the link.

    This BENEFIT is a restatement of that you used in your body copy closing. Staying with the weight loss example, remember how the main benefit was "lose 15 pounds in 7 days"?

    To quickly create a call to action using that benefit you will put yourself in the prospect's shoes and ask yourself "what is the biggest WANT the prospect has... and can use this benefit to GET?

    Here's the formula for turning the benefit and the emotional want into a call to

    To (BENEFIT) and Finally (EMOTIONAL WANT) Click the Link Here Now -->>

    Now here's the "call to action" using both the formula above and the benefits we picked out in this example...

    To Lose up to 15 Pounds in as little as 7 Days and Finally Feel Great about Yourself Click the Link Here Now -->>

    Do you see how developing a strong and "blind" call to action is done? This technique just flat out WORKS!

    And I hope it helps you,

    Make it a great day,

    P.S. Sorry so long... lol

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    In your emails, you need to establish yourself as the resident expert on whatever it is you are selling. So for instance, if you are selling beauty/skin care, then make yourself out to be the most credible person in the niche. Make it your goal to teach the subscriber everything you can about your niche. Ask yourself, how can my product solve this person's problems? Then, play up those benefits to the potential buyer (email subscriber). Don't just send an email and then hand off the baton to the affiliate site. Find a way to make yourself the star here, with the affiliate products being the supporting player. That way your subscriber will keep coming back to you, rather than the main affiliate site.

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    why you emailing them
    what it would do for them
    why they need to get it now
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      Originally Posted by actionplanbiz View Post

      why you emailing them
      what it would do for them
      why they need to get it now

      I believe that's a great formula that I first heard when Frank Kern introduced it (But he got it from John Carlton)

      1. Here's what I got
      2. Here's what will do for you

      3. Here's what I want you to do next

      When you follow those three guidelines with a strong offer then it's a great strategy. Make sure the offer you've got is strong of course.

      Thanks for sharing,

      Create Killer Information Products with Such Ease You'll Almost Think I Wrote it for You...

      Plus I'll Even Give You a No Opt In Report for Free that will teach you how to Take Action, Create Actionable Info Products, and Avoid 5 Mistakes that Plague Product Creators... Check out my WSO

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        Most Important is get an engaging headline that draws your reader in but also make the article interesting so as the reader feels I was given quality the least I can do is click on the link..

        Hope this helps
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    This post from Digital Marketer has some good information on getting people to click your links...

    Increase Email Click-Through Rate | 4 Emotional Triggers
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    All of the above, plus...
    Go through your own inbox of sales emails and look for the ones that are written in a way that makes YOU want to buy (better yet, find the emails that made you decide to actually buy).
    What do these emails have in common? Great subject, sure. Short and to the point, problem, solution, etc. Sure. But its the style of writing that stands out. Empathetic and passionate without being over the top on the hype.
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