Best way to handle payment/ content delivery without a CMS

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Hi all,

Long story short here is that I've got a super basic landing page I created a few months back offering a free product in exchange for an email. Not unlike anything you haven't seen before. That landing page is created solely using HTML, CSS, and JS. No CMS (content management system).

Anyway, what I'd like to do now is offer an "upsell" on this free product. Basically my system is really basic right now and once a user confirms their email, I send them to the download page for the initial free product. What I'd like to do is after they download the product, I'd like to redirect them to another page where I offer them a more premium version (an enhancement we'll call it) to the product I just gave them for free. Obviously this "premium" version will have a cost so I'll need a payment method.

Now I know a lot of people would recommend using OptimizePress, but that's based upon Wordpress and I'd prefer to not have to use a CMS, as I've already designed my landing page and delivery page from scratch.

I'm very confident that PayPal is what I'd like to use to accept payments, but I just don't know about how I should go about delivering the "premium" product after a verified payment, on a basic website. Should I just set it up through JVZoo or WSO Pro then let their system handle the content delivery?

As a final point, there is a good chance that part of the upsell will include a video which may be a lot to download and may just be better accomplished as an embedded video if that makes a difference.

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