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Okay, well maybe it's not a ton, but I have quite a few questions. Please chime in where you have expertise. I also always appreciate opinions.

When you're a noob it's easy to get bogged down with information overload . . . and confused in the process. Maybe you guys can help me sort these things out.

For starters, how many campaigns should a noob run at a time?
I've read that it's best to pick one niche, article market the hell out of it, see how it does, and then move on to the next when you have at least 50 good articles out there and circulating around.

I've also read that it's best to build as many niche based websites as you possibly can and then market them slow and steady.

I started out with one site (or rather, a Squidoo lens since I'm going about this the bum method). I have a quite a few articles for it that are generating traffic.

After reading a post on the Warrior Forum a few nights ago I started building lens after lens on other niches . . . then I realized if I don't take the time to promote them they won't get me anywhere. So now I'm wondering if the gradual strategy is the best way to go instead of trying to juggle so many sites.

Also, I just purchased Angela's backlink program and I was wondering how many links you can put under a signature . . . or how that works. I don't want to fill my whole bio with links if it's inappropriate to do so.

And do you post on the sites that you sign up with to do your backlinks . . . or do you simply fill out your personal profile and then never touch it again unless you need to add more links to it?

Also, as pitiful as this sounds, I'm currently only hoping to generate about $300 a month from my internet marketing. I think it's better for me to set the bar low than to go into it hoping to make $3,000 my first month. I put in about 6 hours a day working on it. I have yet to make a sale but I know it's because the main thing I've been marketing isn't something that people would beat down your door to buy. . . which is why I've decided to switch on to more profitable, easier to market niches. So, the real question is, from the time that you were a complete noob, how long did it take you to make $300 a month from internet marketing? The answer to this question is only for my inspirational purposes.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond to this thread.
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    I can't answer the questions about the backlink program since I haven't bought it. But it does sound like you are getting the idea that you have to spend some time getting traffic to your lenses, not just build them.

    Try and pick the niches where you know people are buying, then do your keyword research in order to build your lens around your keywords. Article marketing is one good way to get traffic. There are lots of others - social bookmarking, rss feeds, forum posting, blog commenting, PPC, etc. You might want to spend some time researching the different ways and that's where you spend your time - as well as adding content to your lenses.

    Hope that helps
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