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Grab a cup of coffee,

Let's chat for a bit about what
you want from your life ...your business.

If you are new to business or being self employed
there is a lot that can overwhelm you. Everything
from where to start and how to start, to managing
the finances, to the legal aspects and more.

Don't be discouraged my friend. Don't be discouraged.

We need to discuss what you are good at. What you
are passionate about. What you like to do!

You see, when you are considering getting into business,
you must first decide if it is what you truly want.
When you work for someone else there are the pros and
cons....just the same as running your own business has it's
pro's and cons.

When you are working for someone else...and there are problems, 9 out of
10 times when you go home...the problems stay at work...meaning that
the higher ups, the bosses, the board of directors, investors...have to
figure out the next move.

Normally your pay is secure and you can count on it...if you are performing your job and responsibilities correctly.
However, you are limited to the earning power that you can harness, unless of course you are in sales.

Are you happy with this scenario? Do you enjoy the comfortability of
a set routine and a gauranteed check?

Let me ask you....have you ever really sat back and looked at everything that is going on at your job? How it is being ran? What is really involved?
Who is doing what and how it all works together.

Have you ever really looked closely at all of the intricate and delicate strands that are woven together in the canvas of a business?

It takes takes focus...determination and delicacy to weave the strands just get everything just right.

Now there is something to be said about security.isn't there? Security offers a sense of
comfortability, well being, warmness, happiness and firmness.

But security in the form of a job is not always it my friend.
In today's world job security is not what it use to be....and the opportunity for career growth or personal growth is limited.

So you are considering getting into business for yourself...

I ask again friend...have you taken a close look to what makes a business
tick? What is involved?

Let's talk about how you handle stress. Do you handle stress well my friend. Is it something that you are able to manage?
Because starting a business is stressful

What do you want for you life?
What are your true dreams?

Lets talk about how you manage your it something that is important to you?
Because proper time management will be needed my friend.

You see, everyone will tell you what you need to do. Everyone has an opinion don't they?

What really matters is what is in your heart.

You must first determine what your true desires are. You need to realize where you fall short.

There is something to be said about writing things down...Pro's and Con's.
They help you visualize your strengths and weaknesses. We are all visual beings

Starting a business is challenging but rewarding. First and foremost is not
an easy task ...a successful business does not happen over night...

Sit back and ask yourself....
Am I prepared to make a myself for myself.

Because once you decide to start your own business you have to be committed.

How do you handle commitments my friend?

It is easy to get caught up with the main stream isn't it. It easy to get envious of others....isn't it. It is easy to get sidetracked.
We are all human at the end of the day there is negativity everywhere. And if you are not can eat you alive.

How do you handle criticism my friend?

Don't worry about what other people are doing. Focus on you.
Focus on the values you have. Focus on what your heart is telling you.
And realize that when you decide to get involved and start your business
people will's human nature. No one has 100% customer satisfaction and don't be silly to believe otherwise. As long as you conduct yourself in a unto others as you would want done to can get past criticism.

You can do anything you put your mind to. But when starting out make sure that your mind and heart are aligned and be realistic about starting your own business.

There is a lot of responsibility my friend. But this is true with anything in life...isn't it?

To be successful you need to be happy...
So, make sure that when you are moving forward with starting you business you ensure that it is the type of business that you will be happy with. Something in which you will not look at the work you are doing as a chore. That's important...would you agree friend?

We need to be careful that the dream we sometimes are chasing doesn't put us back into a situation in which we were once trying to get out of. friend, I leave you with this...

You can do it. You can be successful as you define it. You can!
Just make sure that you are following your heart.

Good luck to you my friend
Good Luck.

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