Wordpress interface & blog language, how does it affect SEO?

by Aika7
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Hi everyone!

I just created my own Wordpress site. I live in Belgium, and all my content will thus be written in Dutch.

The one-click install module for Wordpress does not seem to have a setting to change language. I'd like to change the interface language of the Wordpress Dashboard to Dutch, and also the Blog Language to Dutch.

If there is no way to change the blog language, will this affect Google searches & SEO? If my content is written in Dutch, will it show up for the Dutch Googlers?

I also downloaded a theme with English terms (To search type and enter, X Search results for, More, Follow,...) Is there a way I can translate these into Dutch? I took a look at the theme editor with bunch of code (have to relearn HTML & CSS, forgot much), I assume I won't do anything wrong when I search for these terms and translate them directly in the code itself?

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    My best advice to you would be getting the Wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast.

    Google is smart, yes. But we shouldn't leave the guessing to it because getting your site name out there on Google is far more important. This plugin helps you do that by optimizing your site for google, in different languages.

    So inside the plugin you can edit what attributes you want per-page and which ones are global.

    Hope that answered your question.
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