New Idea - but very frustrating???

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I recently got a new website idea. At first I was very impressed by the potential. Seemed like a great fit. So I started working on it. Soon after as I'm looking around online I'm realizing a lot of new things.

Like I realized that it's gonna be far more service intensive than I thought and that the industry has a lot of legalities surrounding it. I don't think I can get into any problems though as what I'm doing is completely legal but I could see this being like tip toeing through a mine field.

So now I'm just frustrated because what looked like a great idea, doesn't look quite as good. Part of me is already feeling like I should give up and find something else. But I don't know if I want to because I keep doing this, I start on one thing, might even build part of it, but then fail to launch. I do want to launch this but at the same time all these issues makes me cringe and worry a bit. Because I'm realizing this isn't going to be as simple as just some online vending machine. Like I see a lot more risks and a lot more work down this path.

I'm just not sure what's I should do?:confused:
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    follow your gut! without revealing it here (dont do that) its hard for anyone to say whether its worth it or not- only you can decide

    remember your time is worth something

    Gibs ~ 15 years in IM and Web/SEO Development

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    If you keep starting things and not following through, you seem to have a bigger problem.

    My advice: start something. Anything. Follow through.

    Sounds redundant, but that's the only way you'll ever find out if it will work, and how much work it will ACTUALLY take.

    Too much work? Outsource. make sure you have a budget, and can manage people and delegate.

    Another option? Find a mentor or guide in a similar niche. Find a business partner.
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    Most of the time it's a risk, but you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take it.
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    Often in these cases the initial set-up is ridiculously intensive, but once you've dialed it in you realize the majority of the hard work is done.
    Look ahead and see if that may be the case here. And ask yourself how much you really like your concept, because if you do enough its worth seeing through.
    Any mentors or advisors in your niche you can look to for specific support questions?
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    Don't do it. if it's heavily service intensive, then you better love providing the service, otherwise it's just another job that you hate to do
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      I agree with sanf0rd1. Don't do it!

      The big advantage of being in the IM industry is to create passive income. My suggestion is to:

      1) Pick another great idea and launch it
      2) Stick it out all the way through
      3) After you have a little more experience in the industry, go back and review this project. Perhaps after you gain a little more experience in the field, you can find a way to automate the process a little better. It also give you time to find ways around the legal issues. If you solve these to issues, you'll feel much more confident. Come back to it later and build it the revised way after you get the kinks worked out.

      Best of luck to you!
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        Congratulations . . . even though you've had issues with getting started in the right niche for you, at least you are recognizing and considering the pitfalls and work involved with the niches and ideas you've had in mind. If one of your concerns is a legal issue, you are rightly worried and probably should consider doing something else.

        Like others, I would stay away from providing highly intensive services unless you can figure out how to get other people to actually do the work. Unless you like doing what the service is, it will become a millstone around your neck very quickly.

        I would just continue to think of new ideas until you find one that suits your interests, can be done so that passive income is possible, and will pay you the type of income you desire. It sounds like you have no trouble coming up with potential ideas so, if I were you, I would keep at it until you find what you want. I'm not suggesting that you put off getting started until you're 100% sure your idea will work, but just focus all your efforts right now in finding a game plan that you're comfortable with and then jump in with both feet and be tenacious.

        Good luck to you,


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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          LAUNCH IT!

          Don't drop it now before you even test it.

          If you launch and it fails ..... move on.

          If you abandon the project now ... you'll never know
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            Originally Posted by JohnTheJock View Post

            LAUNCH IT!

            Don't drop it now before you even test it.

            If you launch and it fails ..... move on.

            If you abandon the project now ... you'll never know
            that is a good point.
            EXERCISE: Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, release. ..... There see you feel better now???
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    You need to figure out if it's legally / morally / ethically sound before you continue. You really don't want to be getting yourself in legal trouble or giving out advice you know you're not in a position to give.

    Forget about how much time or money you've spent on it if there's going to be legal problems or you know what you're doing isn't right then you should stop doing it.
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    I realize that you are scared from loss and mistakes.Be a man don't be scared just do it.I refer you to launch it if its fail then try again.never give up one day you'll succeeded.If you need help there are many warriors that will help you.
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    the business is totally ethical. Just highly regulated. But I did find a new idea that might also work now so again just more confusion. But at least the new idea is easier so I might try it first.
    EXERCISE: Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, release. ..... There see you feel better now???
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      Keep it up man ,many of us do not earn money in IM because we do not take action.You have put your time and effort to start some thing ,stick with your plan ad see the outcomes .

      Dropping a idea is easy but it hurts more when some other makes good earning with same idea.

      I never trusted Bitcoin in its early days and now it is going good for many guys

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        You won't be the first or last person going through what you are faced with at the moment. The great news is you can overcome that hurdle of being double minded by fixing your focus on one thing and just one thing for a start.

        Many who were in your shoes made it out and became successful this way.
        If they were able to do it you can certainly do it as well. Just remember that the beginning of almost everything successful project begins with a single idea and goes on to become diversified.

        Make practical decision instead of emotional ones and stick to what works for you. If you believe that your new idea is great stick to it, if not move on.

        All the best.
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