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by bgb09
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I have a web site/app in the weight loss niche i would like to market to potential affiliates and/or joint ventures. This weight loss offering is very new and i'd like to explore selling it using affiliates in the health niches and/or partner with joint venture deals promoting to affiliate's lists for a share of the profits.

Does anyone have any advice on where to start?

I know my product has great potential with the right marketing and everyone involved can benefit greatly.

Feel free to PM me.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance,
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    Most every kind of Internet marketing starts with market research.

    Doing your homework will tell you who is in the same space and who some of your potential partners/affiliates might be.

    You must also have something to sell and ready to go. Who's going to want to partner with you or be your affiliate if you aren't ready and able to sell?

    And if you want to attract JV partners, you've got to have something to offer them . . . typically lots of traffic or a good sized niche subscriber list. Do you have these things? If not, that's something you should be working on before you dream of doing lucrative deals with others.

    Good luck to you,


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      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the valuable input.

      Yes i have the product ready, and we've already sold high volumes to affiliate partners and white label licensees with good success. Now i want to explore additional affiliate oportunities.

      For JVs i'd be willing to give them a cut of the profits in return for mailing their list. To date we don't allow others to use our list, and our list is purely for the readers benefit and to occasionally promote our own product. We do have a substantially large size list, but i would be hard pressed to let anyone else promote to it, as we advertise ourselves as "no spam" / "no advertising" site/software.

      My guess is we are leaving lots of money on the table, but at this point I would rather split profits rather then sell our list to gain partnerships.

      Thanks for your advance again. I appreciate it very much!

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    find bloggers in the space, email them for a market share or affiliation deal when you email their list. simple.
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      Thanks Stanf0rd1!

      Appreciate the advice. Very simple and great idea

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