Advice on "hiring" an experienced affiliate manager

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Very quick question:

I've got a staff member who I've assigned to locate and contact potential affiliates for one of our online products.

I gave full instructions, a templated email (and instructions on how to personalize), and even an idea of where to find the best affiliates.

He sent out 50 emails - no replies. His thought: This can't be done - so why keep doing it.

I mail out 5 emails, create 2 new affiliates - one of which is promoting and selling like crazy.

So it can be done.

However, I think I need a professional affiliate manager (at least someone with experience) who could do this for me part-time.

Does anyone know of any affiliate managers who work for multiple marketers - who could spend a small amount of time daily locating affiliates and setting up deals?

I'd do this myself, but I'm in the middle of multiple product launches - including the launch of a completely new company. It'd be nice to outsource this one task to someone.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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