Am I Limiting My Product Choices?

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Hey guys, I'm new here but I'm not totally new to IM.
I've been doing IM for about 4 months.

Sometimes when I'm choosing a product to promote one of the walls I hit is whether or not I BELIEVE people are likely to buy it online.

It may have been the times I grew up in, or the people I have associated with, perhaps even the lifestyle I've lived. But for some reason there is a part of me that finds it hard to believe people are buying X items online.

I think about shipping costs, delivery times etc.

For example: For myself, I cant imagine buying any electronics online. So I never sell any electronics online. But I know there are a lot of websites selling electronics, so people must be buying them.

What about things like furnature?

What about large appliances?

Big screen TV's?

Or simple things like blenders or coffee grinders. Like why not just go to the store and save yourself 2 weeks of waiting?

Maybe it sounds like a silly question, but are LOTS of people actually buying all this stuff online? And not just this stuff, but you know, the stuff most would just go to the store for.

And does anyone have experience over coming this problem?

Thanks Guys.
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