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I am going to start a site offering an eBook creation service and am struggling with the format to put the site in so I would appreciate any advice.

Option 1

Shopping Cart style site using Zen Cart

Option 2

Website that just has a contact form, in which case I'd email the person back with a quote.

Option 1 will also have a way to contact me for a quote as my service will include flat rate pricing AND custom pricing if the customer's needs aren't met with the flat rate options.

I could accomplish getting Option 2 up and running faster because I have no idea how to use zencart yet and my husband said there's a decent sized learning curve.

What do you think? Thanks in advance!
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    Hey writergirlk,

    Have you tried using Paypal? It's very simple and has a lot of help throughout the website. Even if it's just to get the site up and running to start with and then learn zen cart along the way.

    You will have to test what option works best, only you can answer that. I would make the customer experience as easy and as clear for them as possible to avoid confusion and leaving your site. Also, make it easy and as automated as possible for yourself so that you save a lot of time and money.

    Hope this clears a few things up,

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    It's better if your site is on Wordpress or any CMS like Drupal & Joomla. You don't have any problems searching and using tools/plug-ins in building your site. Security and maintenance is excellent also.
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