Blog/site owners, did you build them or outsource it?

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For those of you who own sites or blogs, did you create them yourselves or did you hire someone to do that step for you? I'm in the process of trying to build a couple of sites, but I'm finding it difficult to get done in between work and caring for kids. I'm guessing a template is probably the easiest way to go.
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  • I used a template sort of theme with a custom header, it gave me the control I was looking for without needing to start from scratch.
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    I've gone down both routes. At first I 'cut me teeth' using Blogger, then learned enough about Wordpress to make some simple ones of my own.
    Have also hired designers to build affiliate sites for me, and although that saved a bunch of initial time, I had to put a lot more time back to tweak the sites to how I wanted them.
    You're right - a template is definitely the way to go, and if you get stuck there's pretty much an answer for everything wordpress related a google search away.
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    I have created many web sites including blogs. For the non-technical or even busy technical person, using a template does save time. In addition, there are so many plug-ins and add-ons available at low cost that it is very easy to set up a blog without much experience at all.

    In my opinion, a WordPress blog with a professional theme added is the way to go, even for a complete newbie. Just get hosting that includes a C-panel and you will be able to set up your first blog in minutes. Or you could outsource the whole thing to Fiverr or another service very easily and cheaply. There really is nothing to setting up a nice and functional blog these days.


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    WordPress with a Premium Theme is way to go. Though at first it get a bit tedious, overtime it become second nature. I've both outsourced jobs and done them myself, for simple blogs, landing pages etc I recommend Doing It Yourself.
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      A combination.

      Doing it myself:

      I tend to buy a Theme Forest premium them and trick it out. Avada being a great, all-purpose one. I'll them use a paid source of stock images to make the graphics. Do the articles myself. And finish off with WP plugins.


      Most of the time I outsource. Not for any other reason, than there's only so much of me to go around. I have one guy who organizes everything: design, installation, on-site seo, plugins, articles, graphics, you name it.

      If you go the outsourcing route, I strong recommend developing a working relationship with an agency or a person. You can trust them better (especially after the first contract) and they get to understand what you like, want, and need, so the whole process is more quick and fluid.

      Was that any use? I hope so!

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  • There's a world of difference between setting up a static HTML (or flash) website or a blog. With a Wordpress blog, you have easy five minute installation (assuming you are doing the install for yourself). Although you might want to spend a little extra money on a custom theme or header to match your company or site's theme.

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    No reason to design a site from scratch, many hosts will give you Softaculous or other script install for Wordpress or Joomla and many other website choices. These scripts are usually updated automatically or you will be notified when they need to be updated. A much easier way to get an instant site than writing code, editing and uploading files.

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    Using a template is absolutely the easiest route to take. If you have time management issues then it's more practical to outsource your site or blog. This leads to the question if you have the necessary budget to accomplish this job.

    I created my blogs using Blogger and WordPress. A plain looking site is easy to do with Blogger and for a newbie WordPress can be very confusing especially if you have no idea about the use of Plugins. You really need to invest time in learning the basics of Blogger and WordPress. There are free online tutorials that you can watch. In this way, it's easier to follow every step of each process.

    You'll reach a point that you want a blog or site that has all the intricacies that you see in the sites or blogs that you religiously follow. This phase entails more time in learning how to edit pictures/videos, upload them, use graphics, etc.

    There's also the issue of learning how to monetize your site or blog. A newbie who has limited time will really have a nervous breakdown. Of course, everyone is unique. Some individuals love challenges and they stay triumphant through their ordeals. For some, they simply crash and burn.

    Outsourcing will truly make your life easy. However, this might lead to deception since you're clueless on what's the reasonable rate to pay for a writer, a web designer, etc. You still need to do your research so as not to drain your resources.

    Learning how to manage your time will help you achieve your goals when it comes to creating your own blog or time. If you can allot a certain time for researching and learning blog stuff on a daily basis, then you can save money.

    On the other hand, you can outsource just make sure you take time in learning every single thing that you've outsourced. In this way, you'll know your strengths and limitations. Be a wise investor.
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    I outsourced mine as at the time, I didn't really know what to do. So it was worth it then.

    Now, I could do it myself, bar some of the graphics.

    Optimise press is a simple theme to use.

    You could get that and follow the tutorials, or if it got too hard, just pay someone to set it up for you.

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    Originally Posted by arkitech View Post

    For those of you who own sites or blogs, did you create them yourselves or did you hire someone to do that step for you? I'm in the process of trying to build a couple of sites, but I'm finding it difficult to get done in between work and caring for kids. I'm guessing a template is probably the easiest way to go.
    I do it myself and WordPress is what I use.
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    I use WP with the responsive theme there were some things I wanted to change style wise so I referred to some tutorials and their forum. It really isn't that hard, if I would outsource anything it would be the header graphics and background.
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    yes is good for a highly customized look. If an easy to maintain, functional design is all you need, then a theme with great customizability like thesis or headway would be the right choice.
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    Build your first one yourself. Use a theme, figure out how exactly modify things the way you want them. Its important to know how these things work. Even professionals can get things wrong.

    No VA or website building service is going to care as much about your business as you are, and you need to know how to fix any mistakes that they may make.
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    If you have the time, I suggest you add a template and find information online on how to tweak your blog as you desire. Hiring a designer might save you time, but you are going to spend money and for me, I believe the best way to go when starting a business for the first time is rule of the cheap (this doesn't apply however if you have already created other blogs and this is not your first blog).
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    Another option is to find an online site store builder that will let you add products, descriptions and equip you with a shopping cart so you can start making sales.* Most times, this will work with digital products such as software or ebooks or even physical products which require shipment. If you prefer, some sites will allow you to pay an additional fee to have the staff set up the store. If that's in your budget and you are limited on time, then you will want to take advantage of the extra help offered.
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