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If I can get say three keywords to the first page of google, will this be enough traffic for my website or blog, or do you continue ranking other keywords? How many keywords per week or month? Should I be looking elsewhere to get traffic or will keyword ranking be enough?

big thanks. sorry newbie

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    also, I know it's based on many factors, but being realistic, if I had say 3 good keywords with keywords in my domain name and if I had some cpa offers and clickbank links related to my articles to them. What would you say would be my realistic income monthly? about 50 bucks month? 200?

    Just trying to get a possibly clear idea of possibillities
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    It depends how many people are searching for those keywords doesn't it?

    If it's 3 people per month then you're not likely to get far with that.

    Even if it's 20,000 people searching per month if your website content is rubbish and doesn't convert visitors into sales then you'll get nowhere.

    Ranking keywords isn't all that easy at current time. Constant changes with Google. As a newbie you'll probably struggle.

    Focus on getting traffic from non search engine sources like blogs (commenting and guest posting), forum marketing, videos on YT, social media, Reddit or paid ads (banners & PPC for example).
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    so maybe zero to ?
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