Paranoia, Government Consiracy and Group Think - All in one place..

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I don't know how many of you have been following the ASD Saga - but it makes for interesting reading.

Some time ago in the old forum we had a lively discussion about how it was a scam. The cheerleaders rushed to defend it.

The Warrior Forum - Is ASD the new 12 daily pro?
The Warrior Forum - ASD Cash Generator... **scam busted**?

Less than a month later the government moved to shut it down.

Many people lost money - a lot of money - but there is a forum defending it. They think the government stole the database and are spying on them.

Religion has come into this big time too since it was closed down.

It is really sad - but kind of funny at the same time.

To see an example of group think read some of the stuff on this forum:
Forum - The Ad Surf Zone

Talking about the herd mind.
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